STPMO Episode 2 – French Kids

In our second installment of the Shit that pisses me off series, we look at French Kids. Have the French finally lost their friggin’ minds?!? The latest dance craze in this backward bizarre-o world is a dance method called Tektonik. The only dance I know that is actually Trademarked and Owned by some douchebag. I wonder does he get paid 10 cents every time some kid looks as if there are having convulsions.

I know what youre going to say, but..Joe there are all sorts of different ways to express yourself and TekTonIks is just one way these kid do just that! Awwww. Well isn’t that Cute….BUT ITS WRONG. NO. These guys look like they are combination of a heart attack victim and someone trying their hardest to look stupid dancing, i’m just not sure which is more apparent.

Okay. Okay. So I will give them one thing, It was hella fun making fun of the dance, and it sure was a work out. So if your going to attempt something like this at all, please just make sure your doing it in your room with your door shut, locked, the blinds down, and the lights turned off, that way no one but your cat will see you making a complete ass outta yourself – but you will have a blast doing it.

It might be helpful to show you the original version of what we are parodying, Its a TekTonik song called “A Cause des garcon” by Yelle:

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