Top 6 Upcoming MMORPGS

In this New Top List Video I take a look at the Best Upcoming MMORPG’s and which ones might be able to compete with the Juggernaught that is World of Warcraft!

Wait, AngryJoe Plays MMORRPS???!?! Well No, I dont. In fact I Hate them. I HATE them with a Passion. I have hated these types of games and REFUSED to play them for many many years now, hell ever since the first time I heard about em’.

So why am I making a Video about them? Hit the Jump to learn more!

Here’s the First Video In the Series!

Basically, I have stayed away from these types of games for two simple reasons, Money and Time.

I’ll be damned if I pay over and over for the same game, I wont do it. Hell if AngryJoe even knew I was talking about it he’d hurt me reeeeaal bad.


I’ve seen many a’ friend lock themselves away in their rooms to play these games for days on end, not wanting to hang out because they are busy collecting “Silver Ore” or some sh*t.

Based on an Actual Scenario, i’m not kidding!

Me – “DOOD, come to this party with me at Cases house, there’s going to be girls OIL wrestling!”
Friend – “OH WOW, OF Cour…..wait…wait.. I cant.
Me – Why the Eff Not?!?
Friend – “I’ve got a Raid at 12, I’m sorry man.”
Me – Yes. Yes you are.

So then why the Video? We’ll my friends there comes a time in your life when you find your self saying things that you never thought you’d say: I finally want to play an MMORPG.

The Franchises doing them are now too Awesome to Ignore; Champions Online, DC Universe, Star Wars Old Republic and Star Trek!

Check out our Two Part Series and then Tell us what you think the top 6 MMORPGS are in YOUR order! Did we mess up? Did we leave one out? Let us know leave a comment!