Movie Review: Terminator Salvation

The Short Version: Terminator is an amazing action movie that must really be seen on the big screen to enjoy fully. Unfortunately the movie was poorly written and we never really care for any of the characters – after watching it you’ll ultimately feel that nothing really happened. Click for more

Terminator Salvation Review
You know what? I don’t care that McG did Charlies Angels. I don’t care that the writers of this movie also wrote the wonderful (sarcasm) Terminator 3: Rise of Machines [2/5] or the award winning (lie) Catwoman feature film [refuse to rate].

I was willing to forget that history of such great work and let this movie stand on its own. I let myself get extremely excited about this film, this was exactly what I had asked for as a kid when I saw the first two terminator films – I said to myself then, “why can’t I see more in the future with the lasers and the human resistance!? I want more war, war and more war – and less story – and have it all be in the future!”

Only problem is, and something I just now realized, I was a stupid effing kid. Terminator deserves more than this.
And by this I mean the movie was basically just one huge action sequence – and what’s odd about this whole thing is it was actually one REALLY good action sequence. You’ll definitely get your fill of explosions and high intensity action with great fresh new camera work – its all really fun to look at. But is that all we should expect from it?

Terminator deserves more.

I don’t understand what happened to the story! Christian Bale reportedly had declined to be in the movie –

“That sounds great but until it’s on the page: f**k off. Get it so we can read it in a room, without special effects and explosions and still have it be engaging, then I’ll do your film.”

Well he’s in it – and he’s there delivering a flat one dimensional performance. What happened? Well I guess it must have gone like this…

Conversation from the Editing Room
McG and his Writers:

MCG: The first draft of your script was good, it didn’t feel like it had enough action though, so let’s do this. Add some action here…
Writers: Check.

MCG: Action there.

Writers: Got it no problem.

MCG: ..and Lets get more Action here.

Writers: Okay, Nice. Well, alright it is a war film now, just like you wanted, bleak and apocalyptic, we’ve achieved the future war stuff, so, okay how about we do some story now?

MCG: No, instead of that, lets put some Action there and there. Oh and I want motorcycles, terminator motorcycles – also I want mechanical dolphins with lasers on their heads, but most of all I want a Transformer-nator in my movie! Make it all happen!

Writers: Ive done that, ive done everything you’ve asked, but what about the Story, sir?

MCG: TO HELL with the DAMN STORY, I said ACTION. Action here and here and here.

Me being that stupid kid, I wanted to see the war for 2 hours straight not caring about story. I’ve grown up now and after this movie, I realize that I actually do need a little story with my action. Thank you Terminator Salvation.

I will still dream of a full 2 hour war movie in the Terminator Franchise that provides us with an engaging story and emotional characters we pull for like with Saving Private Ryan, but we don’t have that here.

Back then, it was a full plate of action with a side of story (which I would sometimes skip like vegetables), but now I realized I enjoy eating healthier with the main course a story and a nice sized side of action.

Things I Liked:

    • It’s a War Movie through and through – The Action, the Colors, and the Tone. They really Nail this aspect – I feel the bleakness of the future.

    • The Terminators are BAD ASS, and I’m glad they use animatronics for most of the T-600’s, it brings back great memories from the original movies.

    • Sam Worthington does a great job as Marcus, he was the only character, besides Kyle Resse that I actually cared about.

Things I Hated:

    • The Story is Weak as Hell – NOTHING HAPPENS. I Feel like all this movie did was try to setup its damn “new trilogy”, and I hate it when the guys behind these things try to setup a franchise trilogy before it even releases – that should be a result of the first movie being just that damn good enough that it deserves one.

    • Far too much “Suspension of Disbelief” is required!

      o Why doesn’t skynet attack the airstrip with all the A-10’s and Helicopters. It makes no sense that they have a headquarters above ground out in the open – underground maybe, but not out in the open like that.

      o Why does Skynet keep Kyle Resse in a cell when they capture him? Instead of just shooting him on site – effectively ending the war in victory for the machines!

    • Christian Bale as John Connor wasn’t the charismatic leader I had hoped he would be.

Here’s the Kicker though, I demand you see this movie at some point. Contribute to its success. It’s a great popcorn flick, and worth seeing in theaters. As much as I wanted it to be the BEST of the series – its not. If I had to rank it it would rank like this:


I want to see another film – hopefully they ditch McG and/or get a new set of writers.

So go see the film so this can happen!

As Marcus would say, “Everybody deserves a second chance.” So does this new vision of Terminator.



So yeah, I went into this movie wanting to hate it. I heard nothing good from people about it before it came out, then the awful news that they want to time travel AGAIN for the follow up. But you know what?

I love this movie! From beginning to end it is totally ass kicking. I do not know what people were expecting.

It’s not meant to be anything but a roller coaster of a movie that just pounds you every second. I loved Marcus, I loved the down and out John Connor who is struggling with his own destiny and those who claim to be on his side. I loved the T-600’s and their zombie like demeanor’s. I loved all the robots and explosions and action sets.

The camera work was f-ing awesome. Especially that helicopter scene in the beginning. Genius. And I especially loved the T-800 fight at the end of the movie. Fuck yeah.

This movie blew away anything I expected it to be. Now I do not want them to go back in time. What a waste that would be. Give me more awesome machines. Give me more apocalyptic future wars.

This is a solid 5 of 5!! Go see this, you wont be disappointed.


Movie Review: Terminator Salvation , 6.3 out of 10 based on 43 ratings