Game Preview: Borderlands (My#1 of 2009)

Joe takes a look at his #1 Most Anticipated Game of 2009, Borderlands. With all of the dream features one could possibly ask for, how this potential hit has flown under the radar is near criminal, Joe aims to shed some light on the game for others. What do you think?

Game Preview Video:

What We Are Excited About:
• A Marriage between two Kick Ass genre’s: RPG’s and FPS’s (with a little more on the FPS side)
• 4 Player Drop in/Drop out Cooperative throughout the entire campaign (with 2 player split screen)
• Procedural Item/Weapons Generator AI (possibly millions of weapon/armor/etc. variations)
• Open-World in an Interesting “Concept Art Cell Shaded” Style
• Areas for player to Engage in PvP as a fun diversion
• Sense of Humor (the game doesn’t take itself too seriously with baddies like “BAD ASS FIRE SKAG”)

What Might Suck:
• Restrictive Character Classes (No Custom Characters)
• Is the game over-promising? Could it possibly live up to the wild claims by its developer?
• The story centers around finding a treasure vault – could this possibly be interesting at all?

Joementum Hype Rating:

What to Know More?
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Also this Interview with Gearbox, where they make more Outrageous Claims: Borderlands – Play with Millions of Guns and More Loot than all xbox 360 & playstation games combined!! BS?

Learn more about the game here: Borderlands Wiki Game Page

Game Preview: Borderlands (My#1 of 2009), 9.3 out of 10 based on 187 ratings