Denzel Washington is Mad Max? Book of Eli Trailer

I love Denzel Washington, something about his calm but confident attitude makes me a big fan. In this new Movie, Denzel is walking the landscape of a post-apocalyptic future. Where is he going? What is he doing?
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From the trailer it seems as if Denzel is carrying some kind of book that can save humanity, what it contains and who it was written by, again is not clear, but it definitely has me interested. Its good to see the power of books get depicted in a film, especially in such a cool way.

The Book of Eli, title gives this a kind of biblical feel, so it might something to do with scripture. In any case, put Denzel and Gary Oldman on the same screen in an interesting backdrop and now you’ve got my attention!

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Denzel Washington is Mad Max? Book of Eli Trailer, 9.3 out of 10 based on 35 ratings