Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment Preview

This one is for all you real-time strategy fans and PC guys! Watch as Admiral AngryJoe Plans an Ambush for his Greatest Adversary Yet – Admiral Ackbar!

Sins of a Solar Empire is a Space RTS game where you build up your Galactic Empire and do battle with Massive Fleets all in Real-Time – there’s no End Turn button here! This kinda intense action made this game from a relatively small publisher, Stardock, into a smash hit selling well over 500,000 copies combined. In this New Video Series – Game Parody Previews (Evolved from our Play it or Slay It/Waste it or Taste It Series) we take a look at the new features and tell you just how excited you should be for this PC game with our new AngryJoe Hype Meter!: Check it out!

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If you love sci-fi and strategy games you need to play this game, download the demo here! Do it or we will revoke your Geek License – I’m not joking, I’ll send some of my AngryJoe Army Soldiers to revoke it!


The game is now set to receive not one but three “micro-expansions” over their direct download service Impulse, that add improvements and new gameplay elements. Each release will run open beta’s to those who preorder the game to ensure quality and balance.

The First of these Expansions is called “Entrenchment” and it’s focused on New Defensive structures, before the game was primarily a dance between attack fleets, spread yourself too thin and your key systems get overrun as the core games system defense’s weren’t up to par with high level, experienced fleet commanders. Entrenchment adds all sorts of new structures, such as Starbases, minefields, defense canons, etc, as well as a unique structure for each race.

I played the Hell outta this game with my friend Danny, its a great combination of 4X gaming and RTS strategy, but after while I felt I had played all it had to offer and strategies became stale. This new expansion and the other two to follow is sure to breathe new life into this already excellent game!

The Parodies:
Intense Game Session
The game starts out slow (be sure to max out your infrastructure on your first system, even if you have to buy more crystals – this should help you grow faster) but this slow pace is very much needed as later in the game things can get pretty intense, especially if you have a sprawling Empire and many Mortal Enemies! Longer games are sure to test any Fleet Commander.

Space Pirates!
What Space Empire Game is complete without Space Pirates? None I say! Blasphemy if they aren’t included, but no worries here folks, we got them. You can bribe these guys to attack your enemies (without them knowing who sent them) and it works as a fun little distraction. Myself? I have nothing to fear from these pathetic nuisances and they only serve to level up my ships with experiences as I tear through them like paper!

Space Battle of the Century!
Admiral Joe vs Admiral Ackbar

Sins of a Solar Empire has a great community of Modders working hard to Total Conversions such as Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Original Universes, and yes – Star Wars! Here I use a TC Star Wars Mod and the New Defensive Structures and Upgrades to Finally help me level the playing field with my greatest adversary – The only other Admiral in the Galaxy to have ever defeated me! Admiral Ackbar! Watch as we go toe to toe, who’s strategy will prevail?


Did you enjoy our Epic Space battle? Every little bit counts!

Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment Preview, 6.3 out of 10 based on 17 ratings