SNK Responds to KOF12 Glitch – but what about Online Lag?


We’ve gotten a reply from SNK regarding a game breaking glitch the game shipped with. While I never ran into this particular glitch, youtube has exploded with people posting this embarrassing oversight.

If you haven’t seen the glitch watch it here:

While its nice to hear they are taking action to fix this glitch in the next update, it would have been nice to know when.

Whats worse is the bigger issue Online Lag, something that’s been pointed out by reviewers and players alike gets a pass over mention, with no details other than, “software update solutions are being devised.” and some half assed solutions that boil down to “your modem suxors” open all ports and “dont use a feature we built, spectators because it slows things down.” Lame.

Here’s the SNK Reply:

Dear King of Fighters XII fans,

This week’s launch of THE KING OF FIGHTERS XII represents the culmination of four years of hard work to deliver a rebirth for the KOF franchise, but several key issues have arisen since its release that must be addressed. Rest assured that SNK PLAYMORE is fully committed to supporting the King of Fighters XII community by working to further improve the gameplay experience.

We’re pleased to announce that the next software update will address the animation glitch that users have encountered in which Elisabeth’s character sprite becomes “frozen” for the duration of the round when the character Raiden performs a specific move on her.

While software update solutions are being devised, we can offer some tips to those users who are experiencing exceptionally poor online performance. First, we suggest limiting the number of players in a room to two, as the addition of a spectator with a slow connection can currently create latency for all users in the room. Also, if your Internet connection is configured behind a firewall using NAT Type 3, we recommend reconfiguring your setup to utilize NAT Type 1 (for PS3) or an “open” setting (for Xbox 360).

Also, we’d like to take this opportunity to explain one feature of the Xbox 360 version. When playing online with the Xbox 360 version of KOF XII, players who continually battle the same opponent in multiple Ranked Matches in the same lobby will not receive additional True Skill Rank Points. This is an intentional decision to keep players from abusing the system to reap massive rewards by preying on one player. If you want to earn True Skill Rank Points, you must make a new room or leave simply leave the room and come back.

-SNK Playmore

I’m sure people are looking forward to the Radian/Elizabeth fix, but its only limited to that combination of characters in one move – Im looking forward more to real solutions about the online experience.