Free Dragon Age Journeys Flash Game – Unlock DLC Items!

Dragon Age Journeys, is a 2D flash-based game based on the Dragon Age Universe. EA tells us that people who play this first chapter of Journeys can unlock Three Different actual in-game Items for the full Origins Retail Game coming in November!

If you want the items your going to need to sign in with your EA account while playing Journeys. So head on over to and get crackin’!


Personally I think this sort of game promotion through playing another simpler free flash game based in the same universe kicks major ass. I hope other publishers follow suit! If done right these can be fun little distraction to help ease the pain of waiting for release day. Unlocking items through this method is a Hell of alot cooler than some stupid Pre-order bonus for ordering with a certain retailer (gamestop) bullshit. At least this way you can play the online game to get those items no matter where you bought the game