Game Preview: Bayonetta (Gets Nekked!)

Bayonetta is Getting Nekked for You! But is it enough to get your attention? Will you buy the game? and what the hell is so great about it anyway? Should you care? Check out the video and Leave your Preview Score!

Joe’s Video Preview

What Hypes Me Up
+ Bayonetta Getting Nakey!
+ Unique Art Design
+ Bayonettas Special Moves (Charged Attacks)

Why I Could Care Less
+ How much Re-playability is in this Singe-player Title?
+ The Camera looks like it could have Issues
+ In your Face Sex Appeal, Look at her Shes Naked! Buy Our Game! …but its working.

Preview Hype Score
Bayonetta is Shaping up to be one of those games thats looks to have High Production Values, Unique Art Style and Beautiful Visuals but I just can’t seem to bring myself to care too much, its looking like a Rental for me – no matter how Naked She Gets. (Maybe.)

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Game Preview: Bayonetta (Gets Nekked!), 5.7 out of 10 based on 173 ratings