Joe Back from Youmacon 2009!


Hey Guys!
I just got back from Youmacon 2009, my first Anime Convention and Holy Shit it was a Blast! The convention asked the teamfourstar crew (Dragonball Z Abridged) and to be official guests at the show. Representing for the site was of course, Doug Walker (Aka The Nostalgia Critic), Linkara (our Comic book Reviewer) and yours Truly the Angriest of Joe’s!

It was an experience to remember for sure. The Youmacon Staff treated us like V.I.P’s and Mike Michaud C.E.O. of booked us the fanciest hotel room I have ever stayed at in my life!

We participated in Q&A Panels, Riffing on Movies, playing games in the amazing game room stuffed with HDTV’s, mingling with the cosplayers, and a whole lot more (I even jumped into the Rave for a bit).

I never thought id be signing anything for anyone, but the fact that the line was so long for our autograph section on the last day really put the icing on the cake.

Anyway, I took a shit ton of footage: On the Plane, In my Hotel Room, Walking the Floor, Recorded Doug and others as they riffed on Dragonball: The Magic Begins, and of course our own Q&A Panel. Im exhausted but im not done yet, i’ve got my work cut-out for me to put out some videos so you guys could see what it was all about, I’ll start later tonight and hopefully have a few up in the next few days.

Found this online Already from a fan’s photogallery!