Why Battfield: Bad Company 2 is Better than Modern Warfare 2! OMG!!


Is Angry Joe Insane?! In this Top Reasons Preview Joe actually attempts to, ON PURPOSE, Ignite the “Military Shooter Cold War” into Full-Blown Open Fanboy Warfare! Bad Company 2 IS BETTER than Modern Warfare 2! and here’s the reason why you should be HAPPY that it is!

Before you start to just FLIP OUT! Hear what Joe has to say, we all play Modern Warfare 2, all of us, but realize that competition is key and the more each game tries to one-up each other, the better it is for us as gamers. Its a Win-Win Situation! Check it out:

What Hypes Me Up
+ Full Destructible Large Sandbox Environments
+ Vehicle Warfare and Fewer Classes Help Simulate a better Real-War Experience
+ The Bad Company Squad has Personality which leads to an engaging Single-player Campaign
+ New Squad Rush 4v4v4v4 Game Type (In addition to the currently Unannounced Secret Type!)
+ Improved Unlocks, Awards, and Dogtags Systems


What Could Suck
+ If your favorite was the Specialist Class – He’s been removed from the Game.
+ How Long will the Singleplayer Campaign be? As Short as Modern Warfare 2’s?
+ When your side of players arent co-operating, the game can be very frustrating. So much that its enough to ruin it for some impatient people


Preview Hype Score

Can Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Reclaim the Crown? We should all pray and hope that is does, including MW2 Fanboys!


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