Developer Interviews – Your Q&A! Ep1. Aliens Vs Predator


This is it Soldiers of the Glorious A.J.Army! The time for our Voices to be heard is NOW! Time to get answers to all of our burning questions! Let’s lead the way in breaking down the barriers between Developers who make Games and the Gamers who play them!

Submit your questions below! Ask Rebellion anything regarding their Aliens Vs Predator Franchise, and remember im looking for the best, most interesting and even sometimes funny questions! I’ll select maybe about 10, throw in a few of my own and send it over to Rebellion HQ for Answering!

This is obviously more of an “afterwards” feel – what you thought, what you hated, what’s next, what went into the process kinda thing, so form them appropriately.

So leave a Comment!

If you need help watch both my Preview Video and my Review Video for Aliens Vs Predator! Or even the Infamous Rant on their Terrible Demo and Game Informer Poorly Written Review!