The NEW AngryJoeShow! (Sneek Peek)


Ladies and Gentleman, Its been months in the making and now I’m very proud to bring you a “sneak peak” at whats coming for the Angry Joe Show in the Future!

The New AngryJoeShow Teaser Trailer (3.0)

The Evil Forces of Corporate have been revealed and they will stop at nothing to profit from the Proliferation of Bad Games!

Who they are and what Sinister Force controls them is unknown to us, but its clear is that they have spread their tentacles of Greed, Misdirection, and outright Lies throughout the gaming industry over the past decade and now they’ve grown strong and bold enough to reveal themselves, to operate in the open!

Its up to Angry Joe and the Resistance (that’s you!) to Stop them! Our never-ending mission is to present you our brutally honest opinion on the latest games and news, and to mobile our base in supporting deserving games while steering you guys clear of the plentiful crap.

With your help we can decide how we should act in this ongoing war for good games and encourage an environment of creativity without undue control from Corporate!

The Battle Begins Soon, Join the Resistance! And GO JOE!

A Huge Thanks to everyone who donated over the period of time where I lost my Xbox to the RROD and had my PC Fail.

Its through your donations and support that this is possible. I put every penny into the improvement of the show – bringing you the best I can! The following people have now been promoted as Officers in the Angry Joe Army and we will soon be highlighting our supporting members that help make our independent show a reality!

Thank you for Making the New AngryJoeShow Possible!

AJ_Ranks_Sergeant_SiteContributorJohnny M.

Cynthia & “AJ Bodyguard” B.
Christopher Conway
Andreas Ernst

Mr M Behenna
Robert Clarke
Ismael Bermejo
Edmondo Mazzulli
Joshua Long
Frank Steffen Buecken
John Gonzalez
Patrice Couvrette
Adam Somero
Josephine Tam
Jeffrey Jamison
Alex Copeland
Michael Kragseth
Ryan Skees
Andrew Watts
Kyle Burns
Jason Jordan
Joshua Long
Michael Davies
Florian Stübinger
Jeffery Foran
Joakim Mosleth
Daniel Placa

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