Top 5 Reasons Why Red Dead Redemption Will Kick Ass!

Red Dead Redemption not only has the ingredients to be the best Western Video game of all-time but quite possibly has what it takes to be the best Open-world Sandbox game ever created! Rockstar Games are putting a massive effort into a setting (the wild west) that is seldom seen. I just hope that people who may not like westerns can see that this title offers something for everyone!

What Hypes Me Up
+ Vast Open Wild West with 3 Distinct Regions each bigger that GTA’s Liberty City!
+ Randomized procedural events in the frontier keep the game fresh and exciting.
+ Earn enough Infamy to have posses form to come hunt you down!
+ The Insane amount of Fun Side Activities.
+ Many Multiplayer Modes, including 16 player Co-operative through the singleplayer world as well as competitive modes.
+ Progress through multiplayer earning Xp and unlock better equipment and weapons.

What Could Suck
– Cant create a Custom Character from Scratch – instead you are John Marston.
– Cant initiate duels with anyone I damn well please – like that old hag up the street that tells me to turn down my radio.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Red Dead Redemption Will Kick Ass!, 9.7 out of 10 based on 263 ratings