BRINK Interview w/ Lt. Lisa Foiles

Lt. Lisa Foiles Interviews Richard Ham, Creative Director from BRINK. Lisa had compared it to Waterworld, does the game deserve such a title or can Richard Redeem his own game!

Brink is an odd creature and deserves a short explanation before you pass judgement:

Brink is a first-person shooter built around its campaign story mode which is playable up to 8 players co-operative online, against bots, or in competitive multiplayer matches. Essentially blurring the lines between playing singleplayer and playing mulitplayer. In addition to “free-running mechanics” as seen in games like “Mirror’s Edge”, you play as a fully customizable character that can be upgraded with gear bought from experience points earned by completing various objectives throughout the campaign. After the campaign is over you can play through again in a completely different story of the opposing side in the civil war between BRINKS’s two factions, The “Resistance” and “Security”.

What do you guys think? Is BRINK a fresh take on how we should experience FPS’s? Do you think combining Free-Running with Shooter elements and customizable characters will be enough from Bethesda’s first shooter to grab your attention?

Joe and Lisa say Yay, Spoony says Nay. What do you think?