Fable III Angry Interview – Joe Evil Eye’s Ted Timmins!

As you may know the fable franchise has burned me time and time again. Peter hypes it up. And we all get let down. Fable II was heralded as what Fable 1 should have been, but it still didn’t satisfy, at least not me. But yet I keep coming back for more. You BITCH! I don’t know why I do it, but I WANT to believe things will change. So you bet your ass I’m going to ask the tough questions when I meet up with the developer! Check it out!

Like I said in the video, in all fairness this does look like an improvement over Fable II, and if you Enjoyed Fable II your in for a real treat with improved co-op, weapon customization, and apparently holding hands and getting married, LOL. But the ruling an entire Kingdom does sound pretty bad ass. What say you? Are you looking forward to Fable III?

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