XCOM: Why is this an FPS?!?! w/ Special Guest James Rolfe!

Angry Joe is on a mission to punch out the developer responsible for making one of the best PC strategy games of all time into a generic FPS! Who is this developer? (A Super Special “Angry” Guest!) and can the studio head convince Joe he’s wrong about XCOM?

If you dont know by now, Spoony from Spoonyexperiment.comHATES the new XCOM so much he screamed betrayal at the top of his lungs in the south hall, pretty much stopping all traffic for several seconds! LoL! So who do you side with on XCOM going FPS? Angry Joe or Spoony? Leave a comment!

*Note* This is nothing like XCOM: Enforcer. Nothing. Its UFO defense from a FPS perspective & in a 1950’s setting, meaning theres still strategy elements but with the story amped up 10X. Trust me in me. What i’ve seen so far is promising not depressing.

Special Thanks goes out to our friend Angry Video Game Nerd, James Rolfe who helped me out in a bind! Even though my original skit plans fell through he swooped in and helped out! Thanks man!