The Last Airbender Movie Review

Short Version: The Last Airbender is torture. M. Night takes the excellent animated series – removes the humor and life from it and only adds a few cool CGI effects. Acting? What acting? Dialogue? I’ve read Fan Fiction written by 9-yr old’s stronger than this. WORST movie of 2010, and arguably the WORST movie in the last Decade and I’m easy on movies, unlike games.

Angry Joe Reviews the WORST Film of 2010 and possibly of the Last Decade. How can M.Night have failed so spectacularly and in nearly every way? Find out in this Extra Angry Review!

What you’ll Like:
• The CGI Bender attacks were cool for a little while. That’s it.

What you’ll Hate:
• Everything Else.
• Seriously.
• This thing is a Joke. And not the good kinda joke that you can watch for shits & giggles, like Batman & Robin or Battlefield Earth. This has no merit.

Final Verdict:

The Last Airbender Movie Review, 2.5 out of 10 based on 793 ratings