Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Review

Scott Pilgrim is an amazing film that any self respecting geek, nerd or video game lover should go out and see immediately. It has interesting well developed characters, an amazing visual flair, funny jokes, and 7 of the best action scenes I’ve seen outside of a kung fu flick! With the exception of the first few minutes and some missteps this is a near flawless adaption of an original story.

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What you’ll Like:
• Amazing Visual eye candy combined with a subtle deeper message.
• Nails translating a video game feel to the big screen, more so that actual video game based movies!
• The fight choreography is flawless – THIS is how fight scenes should be filmed.
• Self-aware of its own silliness and runs with it!
Best Part: Every single fight scene.

What you’ll Hate:
• The first 30 minutes are almost unbearable.
• Dialogue oddly falls flat on occasion with lame jokes and visual gags.
• Scott is a rude inconsiderate jerk and Ramona is undeserving but that’s kinda the point – still a bit unsatisfying.
Worst Part: All the extremely annoying jump cuts.

Final Verdict:


Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Review, 8.9 out of 10 based on 172 ratings