Buried Movie Review

Short Version: Buried has an amazing amount of tense and engaging moments for being filmed entirely in a small coffin underground. Ryan Reynolds uses its unique claustrophobic premise to showcase his surprising range as an actor, allowing the audience to experience the movie rather than simply watching it.

Angry Movie Review

What you’ll Like:
• Engaging the whole way through, will he make it out alive?
• You feel as if you are experiencing it with him!
• Some great twist and turns throughout the plot.
• Great filmmaking here, camera angles, use of lighting – all top notch adding to the atmosphere.
Best Part:Ryan’s conversation with his wife’s friend & his response when she hangs up on him!

What you’ll Hate:
• The ending will likely feel disappointing after some of the events revealed in the plot.
• Sometimes difficult to understand the dialouge through the phone or from Ryan’s frantic and exhausted huffing and puffing.
Worst Part: The WTF! moment in the coffin as Ryan is sleeping.

Final Verdict:

Buried Movie Review, 8.2 out of 10 based on 52 ratings