Angry Joe & Corporate Commander Play DCUO!

Hey guys, I think it’s obvious to everyone that this world’s greatest superhero, Superman, is one of my idols and childhood favorites! Unfortunately games staring the Man of Steel haven’t been so great. Now, I recently got a chance to play some DC Universe Online, you know that MMO with the amazing FMV of Superman getting pissed off? Anyway here is my experience with the game as I play through the first level in Metropolis with Superman as my mentor! Also, I managed to find a certain someone’s play through on the net and added it here to show you what it’s like to play as a villain. Check them both out!

Angry Joe plays DC Universe Online – 1st Mission, Superman Mentor

Corporate Commander Plays DCUO – 1st Mission, Joker Mentor

A video review of the game is forthcoming from the AngryJoeShow, while our own James here at Blistered thumbs already has our comprehensive text review up!

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