Angry Joe PAX: Ultimate MVC3, Prey 2, Sol, and Super MNC!

Angry Joe brings you his final round of interviews from PAX Prime 2011! Capcom responds to Angry Joe and viewer questions regarding Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The, we then show you why you should be just as excited for Prey 2 as we are. Finally, one indie developer wont let the space combat simulator die, and Monday Night Combat gets Supered! Collect them all after the jump!

Prey 2 is one of the most anticpiated games among the staff of Blistered Thumbs, this interview should help you understand why!

Angry Joe talks with Christopher Stockman of Sol: Exodus, a small indie team who have dreams of bringing back the space combat simulator! Hell yes! Support these guys at Seamless Entertainment!

Monday Night Combat has gone Super! Taking inspiration from DOTA style games, this free to play esports shooter takes everything great from the original MNC and offers interesting new features!

Clearly upset, Angry Joe gets answers to your viewer submitted questions for Capcom regarding the upcoming Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3! Will the answers be enough? You decide!

Here’s the full list of AJ Interviews at PAX for your viewing pleasure, Holy moly we got a lot done!

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