Disturbing Rumor: Prey 2 Possibly Cancelled!

There is a very disturbing rumor going around the net that Bethesda intends to cancel their upcoming sci-fi bounty hunting game, Prey 2. According to the Netherlands-based site PS Focus an unnamed source close to the situation said that Bethesda is planning to announce its intentions to cancel the game next week.

When contacted by videogamewriters, a Bethesda RP replied “We aren’t commenting on this story,” which doesn’t sound good. Game Informer points out how the development team was originally supposed to give talks at this years GDC, but they were cancelled weeks before the actual event.

We need to hope that the project has merely been delayed guys. I cannot stress to you enough how wrong this would be. I’ve seen this game in action at E3, it blew my socks off, its a game that ive been waiting for someone to try my whole life. It impressed the hell out of everyone else I’ve talked with who saw it. It was at the top of all of our lists of most anticipated or most surprising games.

We cannot allow this to happen. See my video below:

First, Disney cancels Pirates of The Caribbean: Armada of the Damned, (the second best game you’ll never play, the first being Babylon 5 by Sierra) now this? No. NO!

This better not be fuggin’ true. I will mobilize the Angry Army to save this game. I’d even see if we cant get approval from Bethesda for a kickstarter or some kind of Preorder campaign, if Tim Schafer can get 3 million for an simple adventure game, why cant we get 100,000 signatures or pre-order commits for possibly the best game never released.

Bet your ass I’m going to keep an eye on this one. Let’s report back when Bethesda gives the official statement next week.