EA Approved Wing Commander Saga Launches Free!

After 10 years in the making, the Fan-created Wing Commander Saga has finally launched (which EA has allowed to be distributed)! If you love space combat simulators as much as I or ever had a passing interest in the legendary Wing Commander games then you owe it to yourself to download and try this FREE game! Check out the well done launch trailer below!

The official site is being hammered with traffic so a placeholder is up with the all important links and mirrors to download the full game here.

““The Wing Commander series was one of the best of its time, probably of all time. Your choices mattered. Your victories or failures lead to changes in the progress and outcome of the war. You felt like you actually formed friendships with your wingmen, and the quality of your relationship with them affected their performance. You mourned their deaths, and you celebrated their victories.””  -Anton Romanyuk

Indie game developer Anton Romanyuk is trying to bring back all these elements from previous Wing Commander games; No small task. The game has more than nine hours of dialogue recorded from more than 60 voice actors. There are 55 missions, 70 cut scenes and they team has created more than 90 ship models for the game! All this is a FREE release, a labor of love from the fans using the Freespace open source code.

““If we and other Wing Commander fans show that there is enough interest out there, maybe we’ll see a new, full scale Wing Commander title someday, maybe even developed by Chris Roberts and other members of the original team. Even if that never happens, the point has been to create a fun game that we and other Wing Commander fans can enjoy.””  -Anton Romanyuk

I ask all Army members to download and play the game! If you do, report back here with your feedback and comments! Let me know how you enjoyed or disliked it!