Indoctrination Theory & Proof of ME3 Ending DLC

I’ve got a huge amount of responses regarding Mass Effect 3 Ending, maybe you are tired of talking about it, but I find myself engrossed. Chief among the explanations for the nonsensical ending is the “Indoctrination Theory” which explains away the ending by saying Shepard is hallucinating everything. I was severely skeptical so I poured myself into researching the topic and the following is what I’ve discovered!

Indoctrination Theory or no, I’m convinced Epilogue DLC is on its way. That’s either good or bad depending on your point of view.

“Hardest. Day. Ever. Seriously,
if you people knew all the stuff we are planning you’d, we’ll – hold onto your copy of me3 forever.”  -Michael Gamble's Twitter Account

From where I’m standing, I love the series so much, I hope it’s true, that it’s free, and that they never pull this shit again.

Big Thanks goes to many people for engaging in discussion with me and having such dedication to an enjoyable dissection of the game.

Do you believe in the Indoctrination Theory? Or do you think these are fans who as grasping at straws looking at Mass Effect’s Lore for any reason to throw out our current ending? If you do believe in the theory, do you think its right for a company to break off the real ending from a game and offer it as DLC (real or not) at a later date?

Big Thanks to these Sources:
ACAVYOS 21min Youtube Video Indoctrination Theory Explanation
Fan Complied Google Document
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