SFxT DLC Character Pricing Announced

Capcom has announced the pricing for their upcoming DLC in Street Fighter X Tekken. See how much you will be paying to unlock your characters.

First Up, Releasing on April 3rd, are the Costume Packs and Color Palette Swaps:

“Swap Costumes are available for $1.00 (80 Microsoft Points) each, or if you wanna dive in for the whole assortment you can pick up the Street Fighter or Tekken collection packs for $13.00 (1040 MSP) each – buying one pack saves $6.00, grabbing both saves $12.00. April 3 also brings three free color packs, each containing four new additions to the palette for added customization options”  -Brelston

A few weeks afterwards you get more gems and tournament improvements:

“..includes three new Assist Gem packs and six new Boost Gem packs, which add over 60 gems to the selection pool. This sizable infusion of new gems exponentially increases the customization options for every player, so we should see some interesting new loadouts once this DLC arrives. To that point, we’re also tossing in three more gem slots per character in which you can save your preferred loadouts. Finally, this update comes complete with a free replay analyzer, which enables you to dissect each fighters’ vital statistics.”  -Brelston

Finally, coming “soon” after the Sony PSVita Version (6 months or so?), your 12 Locked characters can be unlocked for the low low price of only $20!

“The biggest additions come soon after the PlayStation Vita version launches later this year – the 12 characters debuting on Vita will come to consoles as a $20.00 (1600 MSP) bundle. I know many were worried past character pricing would push the cost of this update sky high, so I’m happy to say Blanka, Sakura, Guy, Cody, Elena, Dudley, Alisa, Bryan, Christie, Jack, Lars and Lei will not break the bank.”  -Brelston

No Brelston, we werent worried so much about the cost as we were about already having PAID FOR THE CHARACTERS THAT ARE ON THE DAMN DISC!

Brelston addresses these cost concerns upfront because previously Capcom had priced characters at $3 each, which would have came out to an additional $36 on top of your $60 for all 12 characters, that’s a ridiculous total of $96 for the “complete” Street Fighter x Tekken. Now it’s “only” going to cost you $80. Up that another $12-20 if you want the costume packs, so $100. Gee, thanks considering we already paid for this content once (both on the disc). WHAT. A. STEAL!

Finally, you have to consider that the cost really is $40, not $20. If the PSVita didn’t exist that is. That version gets the additional 12 characters for free for the $39.99 Vita Game. It’s for reasons like this that I’m more likely to HATE the Vita than buy one.

Morality issues aside, $20 for 12 Characters is a pretty good deal. However, I think the new pricing has more to do with the recent uproar and the Vita version than anything else. So I like to think this happened because of our push back.

Source: Capcom Blog