Uh, Oh. Mass Effect DLC on Disc. Seriously, Bioware?

Uh, oh. This is something you’ve got to see. If true, I want answers.

Now, some of you think I gave Bioware a pass on its day 1 DLC, but gave Capcom shit for its DLC practices; this is not true. I specifically stated day 1 DLC is dangerous, especially if it’s content you must pay for on top of the $60. In effect, you would have to pay a total of $70 if you don’t want an empty area on your ship and if you want to experience the full story behind the Protheans—something that could have easily been in the retail version.

I even stated in my Fartin’ Around: Happy Action Theater video that the From Ashes DLC is not worth it. You are essentially getting thirty minutes of mission and maybe 3-4 conversation cut-scenes with the extra character for $10. No, thanks.

If the above is true, that makes this even worse and something I’m going to have to revise my current in-production Mass Effect 3 review with. Seriously, Bioware? Did you not think anyone would check? What the f*ck is this sh*t!? I’m telling you, this practice of already on the disc DLC is WRONG!

lljkceski even gives instructions on how to do so:

“Definitive proof that the “From Ashes” DLC character is on the disc:
1. Open Coalesced.bin with this http://wenchy.net/me3-coalesced-utility

2. Search for this:
MemberValidCID=22, MemberAvailablePlotLabel=IsSelectableProthean,

3. Replace with this:
MemberValidCID=, MemberAvailablePlotLabel=,

That’s it. Javik the Prothean is now unlocked. “From Ashes” not required.”  -lljkceski

What do you guys think? Should this effect the overall score? Or should the score of the game be unaffected and instead this be discussed as an aside?

I’m not going to accept the company line “We have already made a statement on the matter,” especially in light of new evidence. If I go to E3, I’ll try to get a statement in an interview as I’m sure any email to Bioware will be met with the same BS non-response.

*Update: I remember downloading the From Ashes DLC on my Xbox at 650mb. So thats got to be some sort of real content download. The video above applies to the PC Version.

*Update #2: PC players are reporting the download was similar in size. Perhaps this poster has it all wrong. If its a download of that size you couldnt possibly unlock the character and have everything working just fine.

Big Thanks to all of you who sent me this and to lljkceski for the well produced video!