Welcome to the NEW AngryJoeShow.com!

I’m proud to present to you the brand new AngryJoeShow.com! After tons of hard work, I’m finally happy with the theme; it’s perfect! I wanted a clean, sexy dark layout with that Angry Joe look and I think I’ve nailed it!

Refocused on the Show!
With a year under Blistered Thumbs’ belt and a redesign incorporating some of what we’ve learned over the past year, I will now be handing over site duties to the new editor-in-chief; this will free up more time for me to focus on my own Angry Joe Show. It’s been a ton of work to split my time between both managing everything on BT and also producing, editing, writing, filming, and managing the Angry Joe Show (it’s been taking my normal 60-70 hour week load to insane 80+ hour weeks).

I decided it’s time to choose one and with the training wheels now off BT, I want to pour myself back into my show; this will allow me to focus solely on doing what I do best—bringing you guys the latest news, reviews, previews, interviews, and strong opinions on upcoming games from the industry all in our very own distinct “angryjoe” style—passionate, entertaining, and yes a little goofy, but most importantly, informative and brutally honest!

What all this means is that, going forward, there should be more news, more reviews, some brand new upcoming series ideas, new AJ characters, the return of the much requested movie reviews (soon!), a rebirth and emphasis on a new more Official Angry Army who can support games that deserve it and avoid ones that suck! Finally, and of course best of all, a new bad ass featured-packed angryjoeshow.com with exclusive content just for our site and our community here!

The New Features!
First off, the Home Page will have tons more content on it now; instead of just video posts, I plan to post the latest gaming news, trailers, and analyze upcoming titles with you guys for games that should be on our radar.

The Review Page has a collection of all my game, movie, and crazy-ass stuff reviews. You can sort by the best, the worst, plus recent and older (please don’t watch my older videos, they’re embarrassing).

The Missions Page is my pride and joy; it’s a unique fun activity page where we can quantify our combined purchasing power! You can sort through upcoming games as well as already released ones and vote on whether or not you bought or plan to buy the game by hitting “Yes.” If you don’t, mark “No” and if it’s for a particularly good reason, then voice it on the forums! Your votes are tracked both numerically and visually (with some bad-ass art that gets more elaborate as more funds are committed). If we have 1,400 members commit to $60 purchases monthly, that’s a raw purchasing power of $1,008,000; that’s over 1 Million dollars for games that deserve it!

The Angry Army Page has an activity feed on what your fellow members are doing. Also, I wanted to show off how talented our very own army’s artists are, so I created an entire section for showcasing them—Fan Art. Here, you can browse through some of these fantastic pieces I’ve gotten over the years! There’s also a very basic and simple forums system up for right now, which I may expand into Vbulletin if enough of you think it would be a good choice. We can use this area to discuss upcoming games, fish for ideas for upcoming angry reviews, setup Angry Army Clans, Guilds, Playtimes, or just shoot the sh*t!

The Videos Portfolio is a nice visual area that will eventually list every single Angry Joe video out there broken down by category! Check out some of the crazy thumbnails for videos you may not have seen yet!

Finally, there’s The Store. For three years now, I’ve operated without some kinda store to sell “merchandise;” I’ve always felt weird about it (people like the show enough to want even a shirt?), but after a few long thoughtful discussions with friends and enough requests to do so, I’ve put up some initial t-shirt designs. I’m still blown away by the idea of people walking around with AJ shirts! One thing was for sure though, I wanted to make them fuggin’ kick-ass; I wanted to make something that you could be proud to wear even if you didn’t know jack sh*t about my show! Me, Marobot, and Tin came up with these initial designs; we are very proud of them and we hope you like ’em! All proceeds from any commissions earned after the cost of the printing and shirt will go right back into the show and website!

The Future!
So, that’s about it (for now)! Check back often because I’ll be adding stuff all the time. Remember, my videos will be available here, on my Youtube channel, and also with my friends and co-workers at thatguywiththeglasses.com and Channel Awesome as always.

I hope that you will join me regularly (bookmark it now OR ELSE!) on the new site in the following months (I pretty much read all the post comments)! For it’s you guys that have blessed me with this awesome show and you guys that I want to continue to give a place to be ourselves and talk about what we love the most—videogames!

-Angry Joe