Gemini Wars Gameplay Preview

Angry Joe takes an exclusive look at gameplay from the upcoming Gemini Wars! I’m so happy to see that this coming month of June looks to be the beginning of a “Rebirth” of Space Empire type strategy games with major and indie titles scheduled to release such as, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, Gemini Wars and Endless Space. Gemini Wars is being developed by a comparatively smaller team (only three guys bolstered by freelancers) but separates itself from the pack by making the promise of a deep and engaging single-player story campaign packed with cinematics, something the other titles lack. Check out its surprising progress so far!

The best part is that Camel 101 is planning to add Multiplayer and Skrimish modes as FREE updates to the game shortly after releasing (giving them time to implement feedback from the main game into the new modes)!

What’s Working So Far…
The Story. While the cinematics might not match the quality of some larger studios they do the job, setting up each mission and provide a lot of background fluff to give more purpose to your battles.

The Music. This soundtrack is beautiful, with calm almost eerie music during building & researching to the dynamic swelling of battle music when enemies appear on radar it surpasses even bigger budget games. Well done.

Simple Resource Management. With only credits, tech and unit cap resources to worry about focus can be placed firmly on establishing mining footholds and wrestling control of vital systems from your enemy.

What Needs Improvement…
The Camera. The battle cam and normal gameplay cam need to be more flexible as its difficult to get just the right view.

Ship Models. While the backgrounds look great, the ship models are a bit less detailed and inspired looking than its competitors.

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More Information on the game can be found at the Gemini Wars Website.