AJ E3 2012: Resident Evil 6, DmC, & Raven’s Cry

Angry Joe Interview Capcom about their upcoming titles Resident Evil 6 and the reboot of Devil May Cry. Will their DLC practices carry over into the new titles? Joe finds out! And after my review of Risen 2: Dark waters, Topware shows off their take on a pirate game, and YES it has an actual sailing mechanic!

Devil May Cry

I played Devil May Cry and its action is extremely fluid and easy to control. Combat was a ton of fun. With those two things improved, my emphasis on Dante’s appearance started to fade. When he transforms his hair goes white (but its still the same emo’ish haircut simply with a white color). I do hope that they will at least have an alternate skin. They want to make Dante sexy like a new tween heart throb. I just hope I can ignore all that crap and enjoy the game – and from what I played that should be easy.

Resident Evil 6

I got some hands on time with Resident Evil 6 and I can tell you – its very action focused. The Leon segment that I played wasn’t so much survival horror that I hoped for. However it felt closer to the older games that RE5 did for me. Capcom is clearly in favor of evolving its RE franchise and we are just along for the ride – but its gonna be one hell of a ride.

Raven’s Cry

I was initially impressed with the graphics shown off in the gameplay demo – they are better than what you see there in my interview. However without it being an open-world the game will focus on the story and will live or die by it. I’m very encouraged by the fact that you can sail a ship! (and even avoid acting like a pirate – but who would?) So the game does have a leg up on its competition!

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