Two New Characters for Injustice: Gods Among Us

I love NetherRealm. I love Fighting Games (even if i’m not that great at them). So I want Injustice to be good, but as I’ve said I’ve been a bit worried about it. One of the fun parts about a new fighting game, especially in the DC Universe, is speculating who will be on the final roster. So ill be covering the game’s updates hoping that i’ll be encouraged by what I see. Today Warner Bros. have revealed two new characters for the game.

Former Teen Titans, Nightwing and Cyborg Join the more Iconic DC Comic Character we already have, check them out in action below.

Personally i’ve never really been a fan of either of these characters, and I hope they are saving the bigger character announcements for a later date.

With the inclusion of these two new characters that brings our current total to 8 known characters that include, Batman, Cyborg, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Solomon Grundy, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman.

From a recent screenshot of a gameplay demo at Evo we can see that the roster has 24 slots, so that means weve got at least 16 more to come. Who do you think they MUST add?

Personally, I think we can speculate a few more, you cant have Superman without Lex Luthor and you can’t have Batman/Harley without Joker. Green Lantern is a sure bet. I also think we will see Aquaman (His recent New 52 Comics have been good). So that’s 12 characters left.

My shortlist would be:
Darksied (story based)
Black Adam (good superman counter)
Deathstroke (we need a good shooter guy)
Lobo (He belongs in this game)
Power Girl (Or Supergirl, this could be an alternate costume)
Zatanna (Her Magical Abilities would make for interesting gameplay)
Martian Manhunter (He’s a main stay of DC)
Hawkman (Gotta have an aerial character in there)

I’ll leave the other 4 up to you guys to speculate on!