Create Your Heart’s Desire In Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3’s map maker reaches new heights and depths, promising that the player can easily create an endless supply of content for themselves and the community!

Mapping has always held a certain joy for me, though my abilities as a mapper are far lacking, and there was one series of games that let me easily bring out my creative side. Those games were the Far Cry games, both one and two coming with rather robust mapping tools that allowed me to create several maps, though I must admit the two I personally felt were the best involved recreating d-day and a map from Gears of War. Well it seems Ubisoft wants to kindle that creative spark by not only bringing back the map editor from previous games, but improving upon the design so players can create more intricate works.

With a much larger expansion of objects then in the previous incarnations of the Far Cry map editors, I expect we will be seeing a lot of interesting ideas come to fruition. Though I have a hunch we will be seeing a D-Day map hitting the top spot first, after all it seems to be tradition at this point.