Angry Army’s Guide to Owning an Outdated Console Part 1

It’s that time of the year again, new games, new consoles, and new problems with obtaining said games and consoles! I mean, how many times has this happened to you at the popular game store?

Every time this happens when a new console is out, and when you realize that other more trustworthy places without shady business practice have that brand new console on the market, it’s sold out there as well! So now here’s the big problem, you’ve got at least $500 in the pocket that’s just itching to be spent on some digital entertainment, but you want that same familiar feeling that will remind you of that new console, what’s the solution?

You buy the OLDER MODEL! 😀

That’s right, with this guide for the next few weeks, you’ll learn how to upgrade to that wonderful obsolete hunk o’ junk! This week I’ll tell you the first thing you need, the console itself! Now, normally you’d just go back to that jackass at the counter that told you he had no new consoles in stock and buy yourself something used… but that can go upwards of $75 to $125! You gotta save cash for those games! So instead of that, stick it to him by going towards your nearest seediest Pawn Shop!

Here if you’re lucky, you can find one of the oldest outdated model console you can possibly find, sometimes they sell for $50 to $100, there’s nothing fancy about this, but every penny you pinch means more games for you! Just look at how beautiful this piece of crap is!

It has all the connections and doodads you could want with it! May want to clean out that puss first… and fix that fan. Congratulations! You now own something nobody else in their right mind would buy at this time of year unless they’re extremely desperate for something to play! This is just step one however, next week we’ll take a look at buying games and accessories with what remains in your wallet!

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