Creative Assembly Takes Up The Warhammer!

The team that brought us the Total War series will turn its attention to Games Workshop’s Warhammer Fantasy Battles setting.

Warhammer Fantasy is an often overlooked aspect of the Warhammer franchise with many in the main stream audience having only ever heard of Warhammer 40k and its grim dark futuristic setting. Today Sega wants to change that, striking a deal with Games Workshop and entrusting The Creative Assembly team to create multiple games based on and set within the Warhammer Fantasy universe. The Warhammer Fantasy setting itself is much older then its 40k counterpart, inspiring many tropes we see today and even having its setting, stories, and green-skinned orcs copied for use in the game Warcraft: Orcs and Humans by Blizzard.

The Creative Assembly has an impressive pedigree behind it, especially in the grand strategy circles, and I must confess seeing Warhammer Fantasy play out like a Total War game is right up my alley. While the genres of these games has not been stated I can’t contain my excitement at the prospect of this series getting some more love in the gaming industry and bringing the sheer depth and story potential into interactive form. Warhammer Fantasy is a setting near and dear to me, and with EA’s two most recent games in the setting being scorned for butchering the lore and characters of this setting, I am hoping that Sega and The Creative Assembly can set things right.