The Eastern Front Is A Harsh Mistress

Every war has its turning point, and the icy fields of Russia await!

I must confess a soft spot for the Company of Heroes series, and with the latest trailer released by Relic Entertainment my fancy has certainly been tickled. There has already been an incredibly detailed fan made mod that brings the entire Eastern Front into the current Company of Heroes games, but now Relic has set its sights on showcasing the brutal war in the snowy fields and thick mud of Russia.

While the trailer moves quickly it does highlight a rather interesting new feature showing Soviet KV-1 series tanks crossing a frozen lake before being sent to the icy waters below by an artillery barrage. Could this scene just be a scripted event in the campaign, or could we see this being used in the multiplayer battles that will rage online? Either way I call the ability to use the Katyusha Rocket trucks a win for everybody, well except for the guys on the recieving end.