Praise the Sun, Dark Souls 2 (Updated)

In an announcement completely out of left field, From Software has revealed their next title to the world!

I have a personal distrust of the Spike Video Game Award’s (VGA’s) and their questionable choices, at least to me, in several aspects of the show. One thing I will not begrudge is when game companies use the VGA’s to reveal their next big game to the general audience of gamers. During one such announcment Namco-Bandai revealed that From Software will be producing Dark Souls 2 for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC!

Many of you from the Angry Army know I am a huge fan of Dark Souls, and have spent over 200 hours trying to change the fate of the undead. An announcment of a new Souls game was only a matter of time given the success of previous games, but to hear that it will be built from the beginning for PC as well brings a smile to my face. For those of you curious, Dark Souls is a Hardcore RPG where your skill as a player determines everything, even if you can beat the game as a level 1 character in NG+7. It is unforgiving, yet fair, and will challenge you the entire way through.

The trailer itself was a CG rendered wonder, and had no gameplay on display, but it did give away some key points, such as showcasing the city of Anor Londo and what appear to be the Dark Wraiths surrounding a would be survivor. Also that dragon at the end looks suspiciously like Kalameet to me.