The WarZ Controversy? -UPDATED-

After releasing the WarZ on Steam, purchasers of the game have cried foul and even demand legal action be taken for fraud.

As some of you may know, after the runaway success of ArmA 2 mod DayZ, a new zombie MMO was announced calling itself the WarZ and showcasing the same gameplay elements of DayZ. When the internet pointed out that WarZ was just a copy cat, the developers turned around and claimed it had been working on WarZ long before hand, though that is now being called into question. It also seems that the Steam release has caused quite an uproar as claims of false advertising, threatening blacklisting for requesting refunds, doctoring photos, copying the terms of service from League of Legends, and moderators banning people for complaints in broken English have skyrocketed.

From my time in the 3-day guest pass beta, I found the game to be incredibly boring, poorly optimized and with zombies being sparsely populated and more of an annoyance then anything. It seems things haven’t changed, and while photos like the above are being used to promote the game for sale, in reality they were staged and are not representative of the actual game. Naturally as a result a firestorm of rage has erupted with parties blaming both Valve for not testing the game, and Hammerpoint Interactive for false advertising of in game features and misleading consumers into buying an unfinished product. I think TotalBiscuit covers the WarZ itself best in his “BoreZ” video and would highly recommend that people avoid this game like the plague of zombies it wishes to be.

Update: It almost goes without saying, but Steam has pulled down The War Z and is offering refunds for anyone that purchased it.

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