Bungie Reveals It’s Destiny

Bungie revealed its next project today which looks to be a massively ambitious undertaking. Destiny will be a living world where players can shape the events within the lore for the next 10 years. Check out the first footage of the game!

Some cool tid bits of information we know so far:
-Quasi-MMO experience but without a Subscription Fee.
-You get vehicles including a Spaceship that can travel to the planets in our solar system.
-Customizable Characters with Classes & Magical Abilities.
-World Raids, Crafting, Loot, PvE, PvP
-Companion App for iOS.
-Currently four enemy races are known; Insect-like “Fallen”, Time-traveling robots known as the “Vex”, Rhino-like “Cabal”, and of course “Space Zombies” FOTC.
-Designed to be engaging and ever evolving for the next 10-years.

Unfortunately, but perhaps not surprising, the game will NOT be available on the PC. Currently there are only plans to release the game for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and the Next-Generation Consoles.

Also, being Activision’s baby with Bungie i’m expecting some sort of microtransactions as they do their best to capitalize off their high profile acquisition, however nothing was mentioned.

All things considered though I am incredibly excited for this new title. I have full confidence that Bungie can come close to its original vision for the game. I may just be more hopeful and excited than I was for the original Halo back on the Xbox 13 years ago. (Holy hell has it been 13 years? wtf.)

I also like the fact that there’s at least 4 enemy factions instead of just the Flood & The Covenant. With a variety of planets, enemy factions, gear loot, and its quasi-MMO aspirations Destiny has even more replayability potential than its older brother.

Learn more specifics about gameplay at IGN’s Exclusive Look.