Crummy Deal

You would think that both gamers and developers would learn from the past about why these kinds of DRM are super bad ideas and will always lead to something terrible for everybody. Guess I was wrong! Here’s a comic about an adult male bathing in your hard earned cash! 😀 Don’t you guys just love Sim City: Waiting in line Edition?

Now that you’ve read all of that, could I make you all angry for a second? I’m not angry at EA for this, I’m honestly not (especially considering I didn’t buy the damn game). I am however mad at everybody who rewarded EA with cash for doing all of this, thus cementing the idea that Always On DRM like this is A-OK to make so long as you just have enough servers on launch day. While things right now could be worse, they’re still fairly bad.

You should not be mad at EA, instead be angry at yourselves for letting this company punish you with this DRM by supporting any game that was designed around it. Diablo 3 last year was a horrible mess because of shit like what you’re seeing this week, we knew this would happen. So why buy it, knowing on day one, you could not play a game you rightfully own because the servers were cram-packed, and the game was not designed with single player mode in mind? Here’s one last thing to consider before you do anything else: When those servers are shut down, you no longer own that game. Scary thought, isn’t it?

Okay, now that rant mode is out of the way… how’s about now I make you a lot less angry? Currently EA is offering a free game in their library to those that have purchased Sim City before the latest patch update. Are they not merciful? Next time, please people, be more responsible with your purchases, do not reward these business practices ever again. Angry Army, you are not thieves, you are Angry Joe’s mighty and powerful legion for the forces of good and against corporate bullshit like this.

So, were you burned by EA after purchasing Sim City? Is the offer of a free game from their library enough to fix the damage while they desperately try to expand servers? Post below, and always vote with your wallets!

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