Games Workshop Wants More Games

Games Workshop, known for its aggressive protection of its intellectual property, has changed its stance on video games.

The Warhammer license has been one of the most fiercely guarded properties to be made, with Games Workshop actively making sure that online retailers can’t use Games Workshop created photos of models and miniatures to sell their products, and keeping a tight hold on who is allowed to work on the license to begin with. Lately though the grip has been loosening as Slitherine Software announces a new turn based Warhammer 40k game, while Games Workshop has announced earlier this week that Zattikka would create a tactical free-to-play game set in the 40k Universe.

As a huge fan of the Warhammer universe, both 40k and Fantasy settings, I am certainly excited at the prospect of seeing more games, and different styles of games set within that universe. It also makes me hopeful that we will one day see a proper RPG Ala the Witcher or Inquisitor perhaps something a little dark that touches the soul set within either universe, hint hint Games Workshop. With these latest announcements, the total studios working on Warhammer related games has climbed to three, and with the updated article over at giving the proceeding quote, I am hopeful the number will rise in the near future.

“The days of monolithic Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000 licenses on all platforms are behind us,” the representative said. “In the future, games based on our properties will be platform and subject specic, which is great news as it means there are far more opportunities than before.”

So tell us, do you want to take up the hammer of war, and if so what would you most want to see done as a videogame set within the Warhammer Universe?


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