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It’s that time of year again where all the scumbags on TV voice their opinions, and those opinions seem to overlook the actual important details…

Actual dialogue from that “show” BTW.

I’m sorry to drag politics into this, but the recent tragedy, AND with the release of GTA 5 shortly after, the scumbags of our time cannot help themselves but to indulge in the suffering of others to further political gain, and luckily for us gamers in the good ol’ US of A, we get the blame! Yep, we’re all scumbags, we’ve got hyper aggression running in our veins, we’re obsessed with violence, and our Nintendo Xbonestation4 is secretly training us to go on a killing spree by shooting the heads of unlucky bystanders! Guns don’t kill people, games kill people!

Members of Angry Joe’s Angry Army, lets do each other a favor: If you know somebody who is depressed and just using video games as an escape from every day life, reach out and talk to them! A good friend by one’s side can really brighten things up and make somebodies day a little bit better. This army is proud, angry, and most of all, STRONG, and the things we do can influence a lot. Never forget that.

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