AJSA Fanart Corner edition #1

As promised to those on the forums, it’s time for an Angry Army Fan-art display! I’ll do this every one or two weeks depending on how much fan-art is received! Let’s begin shall we?

From user Flafty comes the Supreme Commander himself ready for battle in City of Heroes!

User and one of the forum founders Vale decides to model the latest in our recruit standard uniform!

Our own Greenferno shows us that Angry Joe’s first name is Angry for a reason.

The very talented Viktormon from all the way in Sweden shows off his skills! Oh, one more from him since it can’t really fit on this page: Click here

Zanruos decides to lend our gunsmith’s a hand with a design for a new weapon for our recruits!

Alex23323 being awesome and showing the commander his support along with some love for that famous superhero Superman as well. Not bad!

Some concept art for putting Joe into an indie game via user Meo. I’m curious as to what this game is now?

Last but most certainly not least comes from … Commander. Shepard? Huh, who’d of thought he was a fan of the show?

Thank you all for your work and for keeping the Angry Army strong. Be sure to check out our forums for more content here. Don’t forget to submit your own fan-art over here and you just may see it put up on display for all to see!