AngryJoe Drives a Tank! – [War Thunder Event]

AngryJoe and OtherJoe get the rare opportunity to drive in and fire the main cannon and machine guns of some restored American WWII Tanks! Tanks present were the Chaffe, the Stuart and the Sherman! Because AngryJoe cannot be trusted with Live Ammunition the crew used blanks. Maybe next time! Still fun as hell and a life time experience! Mad respect for any countries Tank Crews!

Drive your own Now!
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Special thanks to all the youtubers who participated: The Game Theorists Daniel Levitt, Matthew Patrick, DevilDogGamer Corey Smith, Gaijin Goombah Michael S Sundman, Trailer Drake Drake Aaron McWhorter, PhlyDaly Stephen Michael Doyle Weiss, ThatOneVideoGamer Alexander Louis Faciane, Barron Von Gamez Robert Thomas Klement, Russian YouTube Oleksandr Pushkar Gaijin Anton Yudintsev, Gleb Meshcheryakov!