The Angry Joe Show is a unique blend of brutally honest video reviews combined with sketch comedy. The show began in October 2008 on Youtube and exploded in popularity. After realizing that he could make an impact on the industry through entertaining and informative reviews, Joe had finally found his calling. Will you join the mission?

Cast & Crew

“Angry” Joe Vargas

Joe Vargas a.k.a. Angry Joe, began posting gaming videos in late 2008 with one goal in mind—to share his honest thoughts about the latest games in an entertaining and passionate way.
The first pre-AJS video that garnered developer attention was regarding the Madden franchise and was posted on Operation Sports. The video outlined his frustrations with how stripped features from the next-gen console version of the game were being placed back into the new games year-by-year and touted as “new features.” These points were highlighted in a comical way using footage from “Terry Tate Office Linebacker,” as if Joe had sent the linebacker to EA offices to lay a beat down.
After the initial negative reaction from OP forum members, Ian Cummings replied with a post commending the work (making him laugh) and promised those features would be restored in the next game (which he later became lead developer for that year); They were.
After seeing first hand that fan feedback could have a real effect if done properly (even on a multi-million dollar franchise like Madden), Joe quickly launched the Angry Joe Show for similar causes.

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“Other” Joe

“Other” Joe is often subject to “Angry” Joe antics and surprise bad game torture sessions. Friends since Middle School, Joe and Joe brainstorm the ideas and funny parodies you see in the shows!


Friends for as long as “Other” Joe and Angry Joe, Jacob completes the “Tres Amigos” of the Angry Joe Show group, contributing both ideas and parodies. Jacob’s extremely funny commentary make AJ’s Lets Play’s bearable to watch!


Marobot & Joe have worked together since 2011 with show ideas, jokes, and concepts. In fact, the AJ HQ itself was modeled by Marobot at Joe’s request. Any impressive visual FX you see that looks better than Joe’s norm is probably Marobot’s work!

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Tin Salamunic

Tin is an extremely talented Freelance Illustrator and Comic Book Artist whose clients have included many well-known brands. Tin enjoyed the Show so much he contacted Joe and the two worked together to create the art found across the site you see now!

Website – Commissions Available!

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