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ArcheAge Launch is Coming! Will you join u...

Sep 15 2014 09:43 AM | DoctorEvil in Articles
TUESDAY September 16th ArcheAge officially launches and the AJSA wants you to join them in this Free to Play "Sandbox" MMORPG. We will be on the Kyros Server, in the East Faction (Harani/Firrans) Continue reading below on how to get an invite to the guild once you get out of the Queue!
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3v3 Smite Tournament

Aug 29 2014 12:24 PM | Seph in Articles
The AJSA Clan in Smite is getting ready for their first ever 3v3 Tournament. Sign up now at http://angryjoeshow....te-tournaments/. 2 Days Left to Register!
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AJSA and Derp Squad CO-OP ARMA 2 Event

Sep 09 2014 06:40 PM | Seph in Articles
The first of objective is randomness and it could be saving a civilian for valuable intelligence, attack a enemy positions, ambush a convoy, defend the position. Even if we were to fail one objective it would decide if the AJSA wins or loses, any choice you make as a single person will affect the outcome of our mission. You'll have one life per round so be careful with the choices you make along the way!
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Guild Wars 2 Fall World vs World Tournament

Sep 02 2014 04:39 PM | DoctorEvil in Articles
The Fall World vs World (WvW) tournament has been announced to start on September 12th and will last 1 month. During this time, our servers (Northern Shiverpeaks in NA and Seafarer’s Rest in EU) will be pitted against a similarly-ranked server. There will be 4 such match-ups lasting 1 week each. Keep reading to learn how to join up!
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AJSA Destiny Recruitment Video

Sep 06 2014 05:20 PM | Craigr910 in Articles
Angry Joe's call to the AJSA to join him in the fight against the evil threatening to eliminate humanity in Destiny.
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