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Kingdom Under Fire II *CLOSED*

Apr 23 2014 01:36 PM | Angry Joe in Articles
*Update*The KUFII Closed Beta Keys we were given will NOT work for NA or EU!Apparently an overly enthusastic PR representative who was a fan of the AngryJoeShow & Angry Army issued us codes for the Closed Beta Launch in the Philippines. Originally...
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Community Spotlight! 21APR2014

Apr 21 2014 11:00 AM | DamionRayne in Articles
Time for another one Soldiers!
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24 Hours of Planetside 2; 4/26-4/27

Apr 19 2014 12:33 AM | DoctorEvil in Articles
You might have seen some of our past Planetside 2 events, and thought, "Wow those sound like fun, but I live on Christmas Island and the Op start times never align with my timezone!"

Well wayward soldiers of the Terran Republic, do we have the the event for you! The AJSA, working with the mightiest Outfits on the Waterson server, are teaming up to bring you a 24 HOUR OPERATION! What's more, while new and veteran players are encouraged to hop on and off throughout the day and night, those brave souls who strive to play ALL 24 HOURS will receive some awesome awards!

NOT HYPED YET? Watch the video below and continue reading below for the juicy details
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Path of Exile: Saturday PvP & Power Leveling

Apr 18 2014 11:06 PM | DoctorEvil in Articles
Join the AJSA Path of Exile Guild this Saturday, April 19th (3 PM EST, 7 PM GMT) for some PvP and Power Leveling! Path of Exile is Free to Play, all are welcome!
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CS:GO: Friday AJSA Server Event!

Apr 15 2014 11:42 AM | DoctorEvil in Articles
Join the AJSA this Friday on our server and our Teamspeak for another CS:GO Deathmatch event! More details below!
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