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Saturday: PS2 OP #17 The AJSA Strikes Back!

Oct 22 2014 07:06 PM | Dark Templar in Articles
Back to back Planetside 2 Ops this weekend? Better bring extra ammo!
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Friday: Planetside 2 Joint Special Op

Oct 19 2014 11:17 AM | Conan in Articles
Help us this coming Friday to strengthen the relations between the AJSA, TRAF and BWC. We have been invited to participate in yet another Campaign Night on Friday, the 24th of October, along with TRAF and BWC. Read below for details on how to represent the AJSA and aid our allies!
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SWTOR: The AJSA Guild and 12X EXP Boost!

Oct 19 2014 03:36 PM | DoctorEvil in Articles
Has your Sith Warrior been stuck on Tatooine getting a sun burn for the last year? Your Bounty Hunter lost his prey on Belsavis? SWTOR is now offering a 12X EXP bonus on all story missions if you subscribe and pre-order the upcoming Shadow of Revan Expansion. This is the perfect excuse to experience the story of multiple characters until the expansion's release in December! And the AJSA Imperial Guild on Jedi Covenant stands ready to receive you!
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AJSA BF4 Event/Op Night

Oct 18 2014 12:28 PM | AverageSpacePope in Articles
Attention soldiers of the AJSA! It’s time for another Battlefield 4 community event this Sunday!
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Planetsdie 2 Op #16: MAXimum decimation part deux

Oct 16 2014 07:04 AM | Dark Templar in Articles
Things are starting to get weird...
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