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The Battle of Rorke's Drift

Mar 04 2015 10:50 AM | crazykidsbite in Articles
The army doesn't like more than one disaster in a day. Looks bad in the newspapers and upsets civilians at their breakfast.
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AJSA Insurgency Survival Competition

Feb 17 2015 04:35 PM | AverageSpacePope in Articles
Attention Soldiers! We have a brand new competition taking place for Insurgency!

For the next 2 weeks (19 February – 5 March), the AJSA will be hosting an Insurgency competition on the AJSA Insurgency Coop server!
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We're Back!

Feb 23 2015 10:49 PM | Seph in Articles
The AJSA is coming back to FFXIV. Come join us on Jenova!
-All art by Eiousx
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AJSA Smite Community Event

Feb 24 2015 08:27 PM | VonRyan in Articles
The SMITE Angry Army community welcome all interested in joining us for our weekly event. Myself, and others will be hosting this event. So come let us prepare for Valhalla.
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AJSA Sunday Insurgency Event #7

Feb 28 2015 05:04 PM | AverageSpacePope in Articles
Attention soldiers of the AJSA! It’s time for another Insurgency community event!
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AJSA Strategy Event

Feb 24 2015 11:18 PM | Eiousx in Articles
Homeworld Remastered Collection Event, Saturday 1pm PST

Image is ownership of Gearbox
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