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[Saturday] Planetside 2 Op #24: Freefall

Dec 16 2014 05:17 PM | Conan in Articles
Time to get one last Planetside 2 Operation before the Holiday madness begins, join us on the Emerald Server!
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Join the AJSA in the Fight Against Revan in the...

Dec 10 2014 01:04 PM | DoctorEvil in Articles
The newest expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic is out now! Shadow of Revan continues the main story, increases the level cap to 60, and adds two new planets among other game-wide changes! You owe it to your inner Star Wars Fan to join the AJSA on Jedi Covenant Server! Continue reading for news on a special Bounty issued and a chance to win a new badge!
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Sunday: Community Smite Event

Dec 01 2014 02:05 PM | agosparti in Articles
Join the AJSA Smite Clan and play with us this Sunday!
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Saturday: Planetside 2 Op #22: Maximizing Indep...

Dec 05 2014 09:27 AM | Conan in Articles
As usual, the AJSA will be there this Saturday in Planetside 2! Don't you think it's time you competed for a First Place AJSA Racing League Champion Award?
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