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Planetside 2 OP# 18: Prowler Barrage

Oct 29 2014 01:08 AM | Dark Templar in Articles
Come down after your Halloween Sugar Highs on Saturday with some sweet Planetside 2 action!
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Oct 30 2014 05:21 PM | Craigr910 in Articles
The AJSA returns to the war between the Radiant and the Dire in a mini tournament
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Sunday: Smite Clan Halloween Event

Oct 27 2014 12:50 PM | agosparti in Articles
The Official AJSA Clan is going to celebrate with a Halloween Event!
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ARCHEAGE: AJSA Saturday Halloween Event

Oct 12 2014 08:28 AM | Kizra in Articles
Saturday, the day after Halloween (November 1st), the AJSA's Archeage Guild will be having a Halloween Event almost all day long! Keep reading below for more details or go to our Archeage Forums to learn how to join our East Faction on the Kryios Server!
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SWTOR: The AJSA Guild and 12X EXP Boost!

Oct 19 2014 03:36 PM | DoctorEvil in Articles
Has your Sith Warrior been stuck on Tatooine getting a sun burn for the last year? Your Bounty Hunter lost his prey on Belsavis? SWTOR is now offering a 12X EXP bonus on all story missions if you subscribe and pre-order the upcoming Shadow of Revan Expansion. This is the perfect excuse to experience the story of multiple characters until the expansion's release in December! And the AJSA Imperial Guild on Jedi Covenant stands ready to receive you! The chance to sign-up for the 12XP Boost ends on November 1st!
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