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Pinned  Community Spotlight 02/08/16 - Games Beaten By...

Feb 08 2016 09:58 AM | WITHASTICK in Articles
Today we show off a “Sister” segment to Spotlight Ramblings called Spotlight Forums. Spotlight Forums while a lot like Spotlight Ramblings in purpose, focus on a forum more on its facts rather than opinion based. In the future we may see these two segments merge into one. But for now they remain separate so they can achieve similar goals in separate ways.
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Xbox One February Event Schedule + News

Feb 05 2016 08:06 AM | RuneX in Articles

As we close out January, we look to a new month and another full slate of events on the Xbox One. We look forward to the adventures that will be had as we play together this month. You will see the return of several community favorite games along with the addition of some new, and returning, games to the event schedule. Let's check them out.

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SMITE Weekly Sunday Event (2/7/16)

Feb 04 2016 08:11 AM | RuneX in Articles

You must always help your allies!

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Game Nights - Helldivers (02/06/16)

Feb 03 2016 11:51 AM | Recon_avwf in Articles
Helldivers is a fun co-op twin stick shooter with great value to its buy, and better this month It's free! So get ready to enforce your managed democracy into the alien species.
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EF: MechWarrior Online event #1

Feb 02 2016 04:21 PM | Conan in Articles

If you are new to the game it might be best to hold off on buying Mechs until you consult experienced members during the event.

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Weekly News Round Up 2-2-2016

Feb 02 2016 12:56 PM | Legolas_Katarn in Articles
This week in the news; company contacts Kotaku to try to get them to sell Star Trek Online and Neverwinter for the tidy sum of $120, congresswoman who sponsored a bill against swatting gets swatted, SXSW voting starts, The Witcher 3 invites you to dance, The Beyond Good & Evil creator tells Tim Schafer a story about one of his developer and talks about the sequel, the president of Bungie steps down, Counterstrike player uses fake hacks to get 1000s of cheaters banned, new FFXV gameplay, Kojima talks about what he learned on his world tour, Cliff Bleszinski talks about the cost of FPS campaigns and his new game, Halo 5 airs on ESPN for X Games and not all athletes are happy about it, The Witness sells well despite pirating, Greg Kasavin talks about his move from critic to developer, a look at making games more accessible for people who have problems with their vision, Keiji Inafune looks back on five years of Comcept, a look at Graffiti and architecture in games, and more.
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Feb 01 2016 06:05 PM | Conan in Articles

And once more the EF focusses on a new game; for this month it will be MechWarrior Online!

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