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  • By Conan, in Frontpage,

    Depending on the number of participants we will receive during this event, we will be playing either on Rush (24 players) or Operation (40 or 64 players). To ensure that everyone will be playing on the same server as fast as possible, it would be a advisable to start adding one another on Origin (Please refer to this thread for posting your Origin ID and finding others).
    *Time: December 9th on 5:00pm EST/ 10:00pm GMT - Event Duration: 2 hours or more (Depending on Host's Choice)
    Host: QwiK (Origin ID: QwiKAJSA)
    Voice Server: We will be using our Discord Server for this event. AJSA Discord ­­> Voice Channel > Battlefield 1
    If you have any problems, suggestions or concerns regarding this event to make, then please refer to our PC game host QwiK. Else please refer to our dedicated sub-forum.
    See you in the Battlefield! 
    * Times could always changes, if so please refer to the event post again if any changes or update has been made.

    By Legolas_Katarn, in Articles,

    PSX and Game Awards events reveals new games, gameplay, and trailers including showing new Last of Us, Uncharted, and Ace Combat. Danny O'Dwyer talks about his problem with games media and why he started NoClip, MechWarrior 5 announced, a look through Mighty No. 9's Kickstarter problems, Guillermo del Toro shares thoughts on Konami, FFXV actors talks about voicing character and VA strike, history of Blizzard games on the PC and Battle.net, FFXV's quiet humanity, Russian MPs suggest FIFA ban for gay propaganda, interview with Ed Boon, review of Rainbow Six Siege after a year of changes, ASA says No Man's Sky Steam page was not misleading, Heather Alexandra talks to people about the importance of preserving game history, and more.
    AJSA Youtube's Angry Army Weekly
    Will be added on Wednesday, check back then or check our Youtube channel.
    Gaming News (Announcements, release dates, previews, interviews, expansions, DLC, updates, company news, new tech, mods)
    The Game Awards: Here’s the full winners list

    The Game Awards 2016 - Watch The Full Show Now in 4K
    For a good part of the show
    The Game Awards 2016 - Games For Impact Winner
    Matt ended up responding to a comment on how the award was given
    From Overwatch to Firewatch: the best video games of 2016 - chosen by developers

    Writers' Guild Awards names noms, including this year's best game scribes

    PlayStation® Experience 2016 | Day 1 - ASL
    Accessibility: Making Games for All Gamers - PlayStation Experience 2016: Panel Discussion
    Nearly 40% Of All Steam Games Were Released In 2016

    We've played 5 hours of Resident Evil 7 - here's what we thought (plus new PS4 gameplay)
    Watch the new Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay trailer
    Mass Effect: Andromeda's Nexus station is a "smaller, streamlined" version of the Citadel
    Mass Effect: Andromeda's facial animations are still being polished
    Mass Effect: Andromeda Director Talks Destiny Inspirations, Responds to Animation Concerns
    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is coming from Naughty Dog
    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - PlayStation Experience 2016: Panel Discussion | PS4
    Persona 5 - PSX 2016: Story Trailer | PS4
    Are voice actors for dubs of Japanese products getting worse or have I just developed standards from western titles? From the sound of it I'll be happy to make use of the dual audio.
    Naughty Dog Announces The Last of Us 2
    Last of Us: Part II Brings a Family Back Together
    And there goes any hope I had of enjoying it.
    The Last of Us Part II - PlayStation Experience 2016: Panel Discussion | PS4
    Sources: Bruce Straley Not Directing The Last of Us 2 [UPDATE: Sony Confirms]
    I Hope ‘The Last of Us Part II’ is Super Gay
    The Last of Us fans have a huge Part 2 theory
    Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Announced, Coming 2017
    Two new characters have been confirmed for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite
    Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite - PlayStation Experience 2016: Livecast Coverage | PS4
    "Tactical stealth heist game" Filthy Lucre comes to the PC next week
    NieR: Automata - PlayStation Experience 2016: Trailer | PS4
    Move or Die - PSX 2016: Announcement Teaser Trailer | PS4
    Rain World - PSX 2016: Exclusive Trailer | PS4
    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - PSX 2016: The Come Back Trailer | PS4
    Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy - PlayStation Experience 2016: Livecast Coverage | PS4
    Vane - PlayStation Experience 2016: 2017 Reveal Trailer | PS4
    VANE - PlayStation Experience 2016: Livecast Coverage | PS4
    10 Hours In, Dead Rising 4 Misses What Made Earlier Games Great

    Nex Machina - PSX 2016: Announcement Trailer | PS4
    Horizon Zero Dawn - PSX 2016 Trailer | PS4
    Horizon: Zero Dawn- PlayStation Experience 2016: Panel Discussion | PS4

    Absolver - PSX 2016 Trailer | PS4
    Absolver - PlayStation Experience 2016: Livecast Coverage | PS4
    Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Coming 2017 to PS4, PS Vita
    Best thing shown, hoping it gets PC release like the other three titles.
    Ni no Kuni II: REVENANT KINGDOM - PSX 2016 Trailer | PS4
    Pyre - PSX 2016: Versus Mode Trailer | PS4
    Pyre - PlayStation Experience 2016: Livecast Coverage | PS4
    Report: Dark Souls 3 Running on Switch, From Software Considering Trilogy ReRelease

    Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles - PSX 2016: Debut Trailer | PS4
    Sundered - PlayStation Experience 2016: Livecast Coverage | PS4
    Lara Croft Go coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita with new levels
    Hand of Fate 2 - PSX 2016: Story Trailer | PS4
    Games of Glory - PSX 2016 Gameplay Trailer | PS4
    Knack 2 – PlayStation Experience 2016 Trailer | PS4
    Yakuza Kiwami and Yakuza 6: The Song of Life- PSX 2016: Announcement Trailer | PS4
    The Show 17 - PSX 2016: Gameplay Reveal Trailer | PS4
    Ghost Recon Wildlands beta signups have begun
    Ys Origin - PSX 2016: Announcement trailer PS4, PS Vita
    Ace Combat 7 - PSX 2016 Trailer | PS4, PSVR
    Dreadnought - PSX 2016: Announcement Trailer | PS4
    Dreadnought - PlayStation Experience 2016: Livecast Coverage | PS4
    StarBlood Arena Announce Trailer | PSX 2016
    PaRappa The Rapper Remastered PSX 2016 Trailer | PS4
    Dino Frontier - PlayStation Experience 2016: Announcement Trailer | PSVR
    Celeste, From TowerFall Creator Matt Thorson, Hits PS4 Next Year

    Skullgirls developer teams up with anime studio Trigger for Indivisible
    Windjammers - PSX 2016: Announcement trailer | PS4,PS Vita
    Windjammers - PlayStation Experience 2016: Livecast Coverage | PS4
    Nioh - PSX 2016 Trailer | PS4
    Nioh - PlayStation Experience 2016: Livecast Coverage | PS4
    Omen of Sorrow - PSX 2016: Reveal Trailer | PS4
    Watch 24 minutes of lovely forest exploration in a new Hob gameplay trailer
    WipEout Omega Collection - PSX 2016: Announce Trailer | PS4
    Gran Turismo Sport - PSX 2016 Trailer | PS4
    Gran Turismo Sport - PlayStation Experience 2016: Livecast Coverage | PS4
    Here's the first story trailer for Sniper Elite 4
    GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES - PSX 2016: Launch Trailer | PS4, PS Vita
    Fallen Legion - PlayStation Experience 2016 Trailer | PS4 and PS Vita
    Halo Wars 2 story trailer showcases super villain Atriox
    Watch aliens turn into furniture in this eight-minute Prey gameplay trailer
    Prey is a Metroidvania-style immersive sim with leg-breaking survival elements
    Fully singleplayer MechWarrior 5 announced, coming in 2018
    Everything we know about MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
    Torment: Tides of Numenera - Jack Trailer
    Something Wild Happens If You Watch Both Death Stranding Trailers At Once
    Death Stranding - PlayStation Experience 2016: Panel Discussion | PS4
    Death Stranding will use Guerrilla Games' Horizon: Zero Dawn engine
    "F**K Konami," Guillermo del Toro Says
    Seven: The Days Long Gone is an isometric RPG that lets you go anywhere and steal anything
    Sophisticated arcade brawler Way of the Passive Fist is coming to PS4 in 2017
    The first Full Throttle Remastered trailer shows off new graphics, old music
    Crackdown 3 Coming Holiday 2017 "Or Earlier," Runs at 4K on Scorpio

    Telltale is making a Guardians of the Galaxy series
    Kickstarter Update #32 - Meet our New Stats System
    BattleTech main characters and new plot points revealed

    Crusader Kings II - Monks and Mystics Announcement Trailer
    Uncharted 4: Get an Extended Look at New Co-Op "Survival" Mode
    Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment trailer shows off the next campaign
    Gravity Rush 2 - PlayStation Experience2016: DLC Announce Trailer | PS4
    Rocket League shoots for the stars with a free new arena
    King of Fighters 14 gets graphical polish with January update
    Total War: WARHAMMER - Realm of the Wood Elves - Battle Let's Play (ESRB)
    Total War: WARHAMMER - Introducing... Glade Lord & Forest Dragon
    Total War: Warhammer adding Grey and Jade Wizards for free
    Hitman has a Christmas mission, and other plans for the festive season
    Stellaris update 1.4 paves the way for free Horizon Signal DLC, out today

    Nexus: The Jupiter Incident update adds Steam Workshop support

    N++ Ultimate Edition will "roughly" double the size of the original

    Overwatch Cheaters Thought They Were Using Undetectable Cheats, But Got Banned Anyway

    Overwatch cheaters squirm and tantrum as Blizzard brings ban hammer down on “undetectable” hacks
    The Overwatch Holiday Event begins next week
    Big changes are coming to Paragon in tomorrow's Monolith update
    Final Fantasy XV Sells Five Million Copies, Breaks Series Record for Day-One Sales

    Likely why it only says it broke digital records in Japan, which it obviously would have.
    Russian MPs Say FIFA 17 Is "Gay Propaganda"

    No new Battlefield for 'a couple of years' - EA

    Titanfall 2's digital sales are down nearly three-quarters from the original

    Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: Scarif Trailer | PS4
    Star Wars Battlefront DLC Rogue One: Scarif patch notes reveal new "Infiltration" mode
    WOW: Nostalrius' return gets a release date
    Spanish Website Says Square Enix PR Cut Off Their Review Copies For Giving Out Low Scores

    Advertising Standards rules No Man's Sky Steam page did not mislead consumers

    As mentioned in past posts, the ASA can't really do anything even if they found that they did mislead customers other than asking Steam to change their page, as they have done for other games in the past.
    Nintendo offers bounties on 3DS vulnerabilities

    Bethesda Tells Popular Doom Fan Game To Shut Down
    Esports News
    Call of Duty World League 2017 - PlayStation Experience 2016: Announcement Trailer | PS4
    Halo 5 Esports Series Coming From 343 Industries and Pilgrim Media

    Further poaching allegations linked to NA LCS team Echo Fox

    Crowdfunding News
    Balthazar's Dream - An Uplifting Game About A Dog's Loyalty
    Plague Road - A Roguelike Turn-Based Strategy Game
    Content I found interesting this week (interviews, reviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, criticism, etc)
    The Problems With Games Media & Why I Started Noclip
    Why Some Video Games Are In Danger of Disappearing Forever

    [SSFF] Past Mortem: Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter Debacle Explained
    For voice actors, video games have a serious transparency problem

    The complete history of Blizzard games on PC

    The story of Battle.net
    An Oral History of Azeroth's Most Influential Guild

    Voicing A 'Final Fantasy XV' Character Is A Strange Journey

    The Definitive, XL Interview With Mortal Kombat's Ed Boon


    Bungie’s Cult Classic Oni Almost Had A Sequel
    There Is No Such Thing As A Cinematic Video Game

    How Family Ties Influence the Creation of Indie Games

    What 'Watch Dogs 2' Gets So Right, and So Wrong, About Race


    Unearthing Indiana Jones' Legacy on the Atari 2600

    The Remarkable Achievements Of A Game Called F.E.A.R.

    The New DLC for 'The Division' Adds Humanity to a Brutal World

    Rainbow Six Siege's best operator feels like playing with wallhacks

    An Annual Re-Review of Rainbow Six: Siege

    Playing Through ‘Persona 4’ Has Reminded Me to Be a Better Friend

    The Depressing Relevance of Totalitarianism Sim 'Beholder'


    What it really means to be an autistic Dota 2 player

    Final Fantasy XV's Quiet Humanity - Writing on Games
    Taking what JRPGs should have taken from the Tales of series a long time ago.
    Titanfall 2 - Mobility and Momentum
    'Titanfall 2' Shows That Creativity Can Still Triumph

    The Next Great Setting for Video Games? Pre-Broadband Internet.

    Yu Suzuki: Good games are made with 'jagged edges, and a strong sense of originality'
    Gamasutra Plays Tyranny With Game Director Brian Heins
    ANTICIPATION: The Animation of Monster Hunter Combat - Extra Frames
    Accretion - Design by Landfill: A Longterm Strategy? - Extra Credits
    Designing a HUD for a Third-Person VR Game
    The Unsatisfied Mind: Grappling With Depression in Game Development
    PC Gamer Presents: The Ultimate RPG Handbook

    Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games
    Subjective and Incorrect Top 10 Lists Lead To Election Result
    Noodle Dream

    By Conan, in Frontpage,

    Blood Bowl 2
    This is ESPN 8 The Ocho covering all the sports no ones else does! Tune in the month to see the AJSA Championship League of Blood Bowl 2! What is Blood Bowl 2 you ask? Blood Bowl 2 is a beautifully horrific and bloody strategic turn based Football game with little to no rules. You have 16 turns (8 in each Half) to score as many Touchdowns as you can to win the game. Play as 8 main Fantasy Warhammer races like Humans, Drawfs and of course the....................*sigh* elves. So find that gold stash, find a sponcer and make a team to win the cup and spill the blood of your enemies AND friends!
    ................Wait you dont like Warhammer, Football OR Strategy?! CLEANSE THE HERESY! *ahem* Back to you Jim.
    The Event will be a month long league tourny to see who just is the best BB coach of us. Will it be dodgy coaches? Bash and Kill? or the ones in between? Find out with the hosted events on Discord at  4pm EST/ 9pm GMT. The first event will be held on the 7th of January.
    Dedicated Players
    We encourage commitment and attendance within the EF, this we offer attendance pips for those players, who attend at least 50% of the events. For which you will receive said pip, once awards made their return.
    If you want to suggest ideas, discuss the game or make other recommendations, then feel free to do so in the PC Gaming Forum. If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact the EF leaders, namely Acepilot666, Brandykins1982, Conan, Digs or Jayson's Rage.

    By Conan, in Frontpage,

    With winter finally coming to us all, it is time to turn our attention to the months of November and December. As many of you probably know, these two months are filled with a myriad of different holidays across the different cultures, including (but not limited to) Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve. Aside from that, many people spend this time of the year with their family and/or travelling. As such, we, the Expeditionary Conclave, felt it best not to host new games during these two months. Rather we will dedicate this time to do a recap of the more popular games we hosted during the last year and as such, we will spend the nine weekends of these two months revisiting nine of our games (the last two events will be held on the last two Fridays of December, as to not interfere with Christmas and New Year's celebrations). 
    This weeks game will be Tabletop Simulator!
    Event layout
    Saturday, the 5th of November, at 9pm GMT/ 5pm EDT: Speed Runners
    Saturday, the 12th of November, at 9pm GMT/ 4pm EDT: Team Fortress 2
    Saturday, the 19th of November, at 9pm GMT/ 4pm EDT: MechWarrior Online
    Saturday, the 26th of November, at 9pm GMT/ 4pm EDT: Rising Storm/ Red Orchestra 2
    Saturday, the 3rd of December, at 9pm GMT/ 4pm EDT: Tabletop Simulator
    Saturday, the 10th of December, at 9pm GMT/ 4pm EDT: Guns of Icarus Online
    Saturday, the 17th of December, at 9pm GMT/ 4pm EDT: Payday 2
    Friday, the 23rd of December, at 9pm GMT/ 4pm EDT: Dungeon Defenders 2
    Friday, the 30th of December, at 9pm GMT/ 4pm EDT: Burnout: Paradise
    And just to make things even more fun, we'll put those of you who manage to attend all events in their entire duration down for one of our rare contest pips, for when forum awards make a return.
    Dedicated Players
    We encourage commitment and attendance within the EF, this we offer attendance pips for those players, who attend at least 50% of the events. For which you will receive said pip, once awards made their return.
    If you want to suggest ideas, discuss the game or make other recommendations, then feel free to do so in the PC Gaming Forum. If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact the EF leaders, namely Acepilot666, Brandykins1982, Conan, Digs or Jayson's Rage.

    By Conan, in Frontpage,

    Behold the Angry Army, Warriors of the Inner Sphere!
    Mission: We will be engaging in multiple drops, drills, and unit collaboration. Those looking to enter the unit will be squared away. Tutorial is a required prerequisite. Expect to be recorded.
    Enemy: Each other or public pilots.
    Terrain: To be determined.
    Time: 2pm EDT, 12/3/2016. Duration: 2 hours
    Location: AJSA Discord-> MWO Dropship 1
    Command/Signal: BATCMDR BlackOpsElf will lead the event. RSVP by commenting below. Questions may be asked here as well. Please come ready to use your mic and communicate respectfully/effectively.
    See you there.

    By Conan, in Frontpage,

    Although belated, together with our old and steadfast Planetside 2 allies TRAF, the AJSA will bring our might to bear on the battlefields of Auraxis once again to celebrate our 3 year anniversary!
    Who: In case you don't know them, the Terran Republic Assault Force are our old allies from our golden days of Planetside 2. They are a highly-skilled, tightly-knit and friendly group, specialising in small-to-medium-scale infantry battles, in which they are able to hold their own against numerically superior enemies on a regular basis.
    Additionally, since the AJSA ingame outfit ceased to exist, TRAF has been carrying the torch for the AJSA, in that they provide a space for the AJSA members wanting to play the game to do so with their peers from both of our communities. As such we highly recommend anyone interested in playing Planetside 2 on the PC to check them out and join them. Please refer to this post for further details about our alliance with TRAF.
    Where: We will be using the AJSA Discord voice server for the duration of the event. The event will take place on the Emerald Server, as the Terran Republic.
    When: Friday, the 2nd of December at 8 pm EST (Saturday, the 3rd of December at 1 am GMT for the European members). The event will roughly run for 2 hours.
    What: During the event, we will fight on one of the 4 continents of Auraxis under the leadership of TRAF as a coherent group. Players will have assigned roles, depending on their skills, playstyle and inclinations, though players are free to request to change their role at any time. To keep the initiative, we will employ a highly mobile approach to our battles, redeploying across the continent to suit the tactical situation. Given the high skill-sets of our AJSA and TRAF PS2 veterans, coupled with our teamwork, we expect to be able to hold our own during battles against numerically superior enemies.
    If you have any additional comments or ideas, feel free to discuss them here. See you planetside!