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Grand and Furious, PS4 Event Coming August

Jul 05 2015 11:35 AM | WITHASTICK in Articles
"Think of me as an Employer for a very Rich, Powerful, and Furious B#stard. He wants to find ‘The Best’ in Los Santos. ‘The Best’ at what you ask? Well, grab your f#cking car keys… you’re going for a ride.”
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Operation Regroup

Jul 03 2015 07:57 PM | crazykidsbite in Articles
Rally to your squad for our time is now!
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EF: Bad Company 2 event #1

Jul 01 2015 03:17 PM | Conan in Articles
Welcome to the Battlefield boys and girls!
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Mount & Blades event: Raiding parties!

Jul 01 2015 12:41 PM | Conan in Articles
Hold the lines! We must not let them pass!
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League of Legends Weekly Game Night

Jun 30 2015 10:21 PM | Legolas_Katarn in Articles
Come celebrate your 4th of July with tides of blood in the fields of justice.
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July Expeditionary Force: Battlefield: Bad Comp...

Jun 20 2015 02:42 PM | Conan in Articles
The EF has selected its game for the month of July!
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