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August 2nd: SgtRoss & Tons0fun 24 Hour Twit...

Jul 28 2014 01:04 PM | DoctorEvil in Articles
This is madness! SgtRoss & Tons0fun, Joe's co-streamers and neighbors, will be attempting a 24 Hour Stream and will be filling it with tons of games, including many of our AJSA official games that need your love! Check below for the tentative schedule!
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Community Announcement: AJSA Gaming Media Services

Jul 28 2014 02:55 PM | DamionRayne in Articles
Interested in getting your videos up on a new youtube channel? Streaming on Twitch? Helping out with content in general on Google+? Look no further!
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Community Spotlight: 21JUL2014

Jul 21 2014 09:21 AM | DamionRayne in Articles
Yay! Time for another one!
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Sunday AJSA BF4 Event/Op Night

Jul 18 2014 07:55 PM | AverageSpacePope in Articles
Attention soldiers of the AJSA! It’s time for you to play your part in Battlefield 4! Dragon's Teeth-Style!
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Guild Wars 2 MEGA 24 Hour Op: Saturday-Sunday

Jul 12 2014 09:11 PM | Ysnar in Articles
As you know, this guild was brought back to life thanks to all of you and your collective efforts... and to celebrate the completed guild revival, we have decided to hold a 24 hour operation that will cover almost every major aspect of the game. The op will begin on 19th July, at 1 am UTC and end on 20th July at 1 am UTC.
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