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  4. Poster Contest 2020

    From the album Artwork

    This is my submission for the Ghost of Tsushima poster contest 2020. I chose the 1820 Japanese woodblock print style and the technique is ink and acrylic paint for both of the Joes and digital painting for the background.
  5. Man I love Ghost of Tsushima. And for some reason, whenever I play this game, the old intro music from Soul Edge/ Blade keeps on playing in my head. So I thought "ok, I'll just mix them together and see how it'll go", so here ya go. Gotta say, it fits really well. Hope you guys enjoy this & maybe you'll get a nostalgia tingle if you play Soul Edge/Blade before.
  6. youtube

    Nickleback vid. Reminds me of this. XD
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  8. This is probably one of Joe's positive reviews that made me laugh quite a lot. XD I love this game so much. This is definitely one of my top games of 2020, and a contender for my GOTY besides Doom Eternal. And this is one of the only games I've played where I don't even want to complete it 100% because I want to keep on playing as long as I can. Hope the sequel will be even more awesome because as it stands, this game is already so damn good that by the ending of the game I was having goosebumps & teared up. Definitely better than Last of Us Part 2 that's for damn sure!
  9. Hey there everyone. Just thought I’d say hello. I hope everyone is doing well and am happy to be here in a great community of people. If anyone wants to chat feel free to hit me up. Take care everyone:)
  10. Hey guys ! My name is Carlos and i go under the nickname "Vylna". Im a big nerd when it comes to video games and anime shows and big sucker for coffee!! After my injury on my spine 3 years ago , i have been pretty much isolated at home by playing bunch of video games and streaming it for the fun and been enjoying the small communities around the internet and world and socialising with them. Hope to meet new people here, now since the world is in a state where u can barely go out and hang out with people no longer . Oh ye and i have been a big fan of Joe and his team since 2012 ^^ love the content he creates! Either way ! i suck at presentations but hope this is good enough lol ..
  11. Hi guys! Have anyone of u tested out Fairy tail game yet ? the gameplay of it was pretty dope but sadly they failed on cinematics and creation of 3D characters that are missing in the game .... now not to meantion they added DLCs worth of 350 euros / USD on steam ..... #FeelsSad that we gotta pay addition 60 euros / USD for a season pass when most of us paid 80 euros / USD for a deluxe edition where only few tiny items came with ... But either way ! As a big fan of the anime show, they did some cool gameplay action when it comes to the abilities / spells. The world was kinda decent tho could had been much better.. any of u guys tested it out ? whats ur thoughts ? P.S. Big fan of joe and the team , im new here so i hope i didnt post this in a wrong section , if so i apologise in advance ^^ !
  12. What's up everyone. I'm Daniel been watching the AngryJoeShow for a few years now and just signed up on here. I love the content and reviews.
  13. This may be more a question to those who have played the original game and know the full cast but any FF noobs are welcome For the next game in the new FF7 series, its uncertain how many new characters we will see given how much content the game put just into Midgar. Anyone here have any characters they are looking forward to seeing? I’d say I’m most looking forward to Mr. Valentine
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  17. Counter Cons - There are plenty of cheap quality builds. - I have no technical knowledge. There's something called the internet that helps with builds. - Ever game runs just fine with a little common sense. - You only have to upgrade if your machine falls that far behind, you can still play almost every game. You have to buy a new console every few years also. - You can play locally. Split screen still exist. There's tons of 2 player co-op games to play on a single pc. - A laptop is a pc. This point is moot.
  18. Is this an ad?
  19. Cuphead is a traditional gun racing and action recreation with a robust cognizance on boss fights. Inspired by means of cartoons from the Nineteen Thirties, the visible and acoustic factors are carefully created the usage of the identical strategies of the era: conventional Celtic hand-drawn animations, watercolor backgrounds, and unique jazz recordings. I am fans of PSN game, recently, I am interested in pc game and want to buy game equipment at bzfuture.com.
  20. youtube

    Take this video as a joke
  21. I played the hell out of the SNES game and the RPG. And I even visited the offices once in Chicago. I don't know if my system can run it, but I should check. Thanks for the reminder
  22. I don't know if it's on Console but you can get it on steam for PC. It plays like a turn-based game. Starts in Seattle with a story-driven concept. The first story is called Deadmans Switch your best friend just died and has called you from the grave to hire you to find his killer in Seattle. You are a Courier a killer for hire and an investigator you are a Shadow Runner stay in the shadows but if spotted... run. For me, it is a 7 maybe a 8 for the base storyline but with steam, you can spend hours to weeks playing it. For fans of the 90's original, it's good. I hope you guys check it out, you can also see some gameplay on youtube.
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