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VIEW THE RESULTS OF THE SUNDIE HUNT HERE: http://angryjoeshow....media-round-up/
From AJSA Special Operations Command, comes our first special operation in Planetside 2! For too long, Smurf and Barney Sundies have gotten off easy, sitting there spawning conga lines of enemies assaulting our bases; this ends now! We're putting a bounty on NC and Vanu Sunderers, and its time for the best 6-person teams to show their stuff. Join us Saturday, February 8th, 3 PM EST (8 PM GMT), as our Sundie Kill Krews try to rack up the most Sunderer kills in a two hour period. Afterwards we'll end the Special Op with the first ever SUNDIE BUMPER CAR RACE! Read below for the full details on how to get ready for the special op...

WHEN: Saturday, February 8th, 2014; 3 PM EST (2 PM Central/ 8 PM GMT)
WHERE: WATERSON Server, Terran Republic, AJSA Teamspeak Server
HOW: Sundie Hunt Squads must be formed with a maximum of 6 people. Successful teams are encouraged to use our forums and TS to try coordinate your best Sundie killing strategies before the event.

Don't know six people? Don't Worry! We will have a team registration channel an hour before the start of the operation, where you can pair up with interested players and pick your Sundie Hunt team name.

Team leaders will be responsible for keeping track of their kill tally; we'll have a half-time score update and the announce the final tallies at the close of the hunt.

-Teams can have no more than 6 people in their squad.
-The Hunt has no limit in terms of location/continent; scour all 3 continents for your prey!
-Teams should take screenshots (hitting F12 if playing in Steam) of their Sundie kills, these maybe needed to prove suspicious/contested kill numbers.
-Teams will be under the honor system when counting a kill; do you feel your team contributed critically to the destruction of the sundie?
-Only NC and Vanu Sundies will count, no team killing TR Sundies :(
-Work with your team to come up with the most efficient Sundie killing tactics!

The Team with the most Sunderer kills in the two hour period, will get the following rewards:
1) Each member of the 6 person squad may choose a custom forum Member Title (the text that is above your avatar pic) as long as it includes the word "Sundie" or "Sunderer"; subject to the limits of good taste.
2) Winning Sundie team members will have the front line starting positions for the Sunderer Race, as described below...

A Sundie race? Are you mad? Probably. After spending 2 hours killing sundies, we'll hop in our majestic red TR Sunderers and race to glory! This is a bumper car race, meaning no direct firing on fellow racers is allowed, but if you happen to ram another racer off a cliff with the mass of your sundie, who are we to stop you? Keep your eyes posted below for a map of our route for the race. (Warp gates have a habit of rotating before the start of the event).
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Feb 02 2014 10:08 PM

Count me in! TR forever!

Count me in now to find a team.

Feb 04 2014 05:01 AM

I am so going to join

Feb 04 2014 12:22 PM

What a NC or Vanu AJSA team is formed and goes after the other two sides? :P

Count me in! Now I just need to get C4 on my light assault as fast as possible...

Feb 05 2014 05:12 PM
Damn I'm working all day Saturday
Feb 07 2014 05:20 AM

can anybody put me in a squad please so i can play with you all ?

If you don't find a team before Saturday, don't worry, we'll make a room for people to group up into teams of 6 and register their team name.

The sundy race sounds fun, i wish i could be there :\

Is somebody going to stream this

NC peeps. Se ya on the battlefield

Feb 16 2014 07:11 PM

very nice and creative!

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