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Planetside 2 Ops Night (Wave 1: European Theater)

Event details

The Place: Waterson Server, AJSA Teamspeak Server

The Time: 5pm Eastern

The Side: Terran Republic

The What: This will be the first wave of our Planetside 2 Ops Night. This will be a community event that is a friendly time for our comrades across the Pond.

The Who: Angry Joe will not be on for this Wave, look for the Wave 2 Event starting 9pm Eastern!

-Officers to friend in PS2 to get invited to the outfit: (you have to be on at the same time)






Also most Commanders have accounts in game and can invite you as well. Including myself: DoctorEvil

So if you can't make the first wave, head to the second wave correct? I won't be able to make it to the first wave seeing as I'll still be in school, but I'll definitely be there for wave 2 :D And we can also send the requests before Friday right?

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I'm having trouble with the time converting I'm in Sydney Australia what time will it be in Sydney when this kicks off?

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5pm eastern time. Is that like 11 in the morning or 23 in the evening in Denmark? Anyone know?

I know it's 10pm GMT at britain and stuff, don't know what time Denmark uses though, but it shouldn't be that much of a difference

Kevi1813 likes this

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would like to join but only downloading as i type if you's are willing to put up with a noob but why we playin on Terran Republic as i'd ilke to think everyone here would like have freedom but the Terran Republic want u as a slave very much like real life in the western country's but games a games 

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I hope to god my team is more efficient than Fentons, because if it isn't, it's going to haunt me for the rest of the year. Y'all better get online and start practicing!

Eggdrasil likes this

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I will be with the New Conglomerate because I was with them from the beginning, and they could use a little help before getting steam rolled by the AJSA! 

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Why event for EU players will be on US server? Wont we experience lag issues?

I havent played on that server? Has anyone from EU tried? How is the lag?

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