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[TRAF] PlanetSide 2 operation!


Event details

PlanetSide 2 operation on TS3.TRAFOUTFIT.com lasts for 2 hours sometimes longer. 

gameingtruth, Dizon, Raxyn and 10 others like this

I'm confused. Is TRAF outfit hosting this event?? oO

Cot damn. And good stuff.

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If anyone owns Planetside 2 for the PS4 and is interested in weekly events, PM me, I currently run an event each Sat on the European Servers. 

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Destructer278 I already run a PS2 PS4 event for the AJSA, its on European servers, send me a message if u want in, we could do with some new recruits :P 

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32 minutes ago, Soul421 said:

I'm wondering how we're supposed to find Joe and the others 

yeah me two i think that maybe he will twitch it and then he will tell us what server to join

Vypishcommando likes this

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11 hours ago, Red_H2_ood said:

this might sound stupid but what is operation on planet side 2 i have the game

True I have the game to but I've been looking for the platoon 

11 hours ago, Red_H2_ood said:




Red_H2_ood likes this

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21 hours ago, gameingtruth said:


Indeed, though I don't think I've ever actually seen Joe in PS2.  At least not while running with TRAF, which is what I believe all Angry Army soldiers are supposed to do.  Too bad, I bet he'd be fun to run with.

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Hey guys I'm new here, just downloading it now, how do I get in on this awesome? Have mic, willing to learn

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