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  18. Yo, anyone play rust in here? I'm addicted, and I saw a really funny meme the other day where someone has a wheel barrel of different game titles and then right next to him was someone carrying a title for just Rust, the one person said "aren't you going to play anything else?" the main person said "this is all I need" This is me lol
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  21. What do you prefer texting or calling? Why?
  22. What do you think of the Final Fantasy Pixel Perfect remasters, did Square Enix do to the original what George Lucas did to the original trilogy.
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    I hath awakened from my slumber. Aka: finally got back here after having to do work all month. Let's get this place partying: 38) Bannerman Platform: PC Not to be confused with Banner Saga. This is actually a game that I never got to finish until recently, and now I can finally put this game to rest. It's basically a side scroller rotoscope sword fighting game where you play as a man in charge of holding a banner for your army, only it's actually much more heavy in action than you'd think. Think the old Prince of Persia, but instead of deadly platforming, it's all about precise combat where if you screw up, you're gonna die. And die you will. A lot. This game does have its own interesting quirk though. After you finish a mission, you'll do a nightmare mission where stuff gets, well, trippy. And there's various annoying enemy types for you to fight. If you're unprepared, you're gonna get rekt. The final boss is especially a challenge, but you can decide to not fight him at all & go for an alternate ending. Which I feel like it's actually the better ending of the 2 cause well, turns out the final boss is actually a reasonable dude compared to your king. 39) The Supper Platform: PC A pretty quick point & click game where you're this, um, zombie old lady trying to serve these 3 dudes foods. That's all I gotta say cause I don't want to spoil the sad story. 40) Adam Wolfe Platform: PC Ohohohoooooooo boy.............. You know those games where you have to find 20 hidden objects scattered upon dozens of piles of craps that looks something like this and it fucking sucks balls? I can't believe I'm saying this.......... but Adam Wolfe is actually the first game that actually make it work & fun. I KNOW! The genre of game that I fucking hate all my life since I stumbled upon it in 2014 has finally redeemed itself. And all it took is a dev that actually puts the hidden collection make sense, add actual combat & a story that's actually pretty interesting to follow till the end. WHY CAN'T MORE OF THESE KIND OF GAMES DOES IT THIS WELL??? It's quite unfortunate that the game ends on a, well, less than happy note, but I enjoyed my time with this game regardless. Here's hoping more future hidden object games will actually be fun like this. 41) Haven Platform: PC The next game behind the developers of Furi. This, is not a sequel to that game. Instead this game is an exploration turn based RPG where you follow the life of 2 loving couples that escaped from their home planet due to interesting plot reasons that I can't spoil. You explore, find ingredients, cook & try to fix your broken down ship while seeing how cute these couples interact with each other. With a soundtrack made by Danger who also did a couple of the songs in Furi. If you want more of this song in your game, You're gonna get it. Though I personally wish there's more kick to the soundtrack like Furi. I was expecting the game to end on a giant boss fight with a final boss, but there's no such thing. There is however a platforming section & the ending depends on how you make these 2 interact with each other. Want the good ending? Ya gotta work hard to make these 2 loves blossom! 42) Project Warlock Platform: PC A sickass fps game where you play as, well, a warlock. You travel to different realms, find secret rooms, get new weapons + spells to wreck shit up. It's pretty much a throwback to old FPS games in the 90s where everyone's doin it. There are quite a few surprise cameos from FPS heroes of the past that you can find scattered around specific missions which are pretty cool. Now I can't wait to see what the sequel will bring to the table. 43) Prince of Persia (the Nolan North voiced one with the metal glove) Platform: PC This is that Prince of Persia with this cover art I finally finished this game after a long time of this game just sitting on my Steam catalogue. And well, it's...... ok. This game was definitely WAAAAYY overhyped by the reviewers back in the day. 90? Seriously? All this game has which are cool are the usual parkour & a couple of the bossfights, but all you do for the majority of this game is travel to different places, parkouring, and then fighting the same bosses that protect that area 4 times until you finally get to the final boss of the game. And then it all just comes undone anyway at the very end of the game to make way for a sequel that's not even gonna happen! Well, actually there was a DS sequel but THAT'S IT! So all that repetitive gameplay, all that trials, and it all comes down to jack shit in the very end of the game............. if I actually played this game back when it was released, I would be SOOOO pissed off at the end. This pretty much explains why there's no sequel afterwards & Ubisoft's remaking the Sands of Time instead. What the hell were they thinking with this game............ 44) Streets of Rage 4, with new DLC characters Platform: PC 1 word: Shiva. He's the reason you buy the dlc for this game. The man is a DBFZ character in a beat em up game & he wreck shit up. I had SUCH a damn good time playing him that he completely outclasses everyone else in the roster. The dlc comes with a survival mode. My personal best is stage 38. I know some people that actually made it through to stage 100+.... those guys are Gods. 45) Zone of the Enders 2 Platform: PC Ahhhhhh this game. I beat this game a LONNNNNG time ago when my cousin showed up with this game before he had to return to Canada. Now it's time to play the Steam version. And man, this game aged like fine wine. After all these years, the graphic is amazingly still pretty damn good. The combat especially is STILL really good. Can't believe I played the first game last year & found that game's combat to really be janky AF & this game just utterly trounces on that jank. Makes me sad that there's no sequel after this game which could've been great. Ah well, then again Konami's dead now so it is for the best. I'll still have fond memories of this game. 46) State of Mind Platform: PC Man. This was a game that I actually am quite interested in playing from the screenshots alone. The weird character art & interesting cyberpunk futuristic setting draws me in, and the main character's voiced by Geralt of Rivia! Unfortunately the character he played is one unlikeable piece of dogshit. The more I play this game, the more unlikeable he actually becomes because you'd think that he's just a man who had a rough life & bad things happen to him out of his control right? NO. There was a point in the game where he's a decent person, but then after he had a car accident with his unfortunate wife, he just ceases to be a person & becomes a goddamn prick. This makes playing the game from the beginning to the end so unbearable & I just want to beat the shit out of him. He does eventually realizes what a dick he is & tries to fix his shitty attitude, but by then it's the end of the game & it's already FAAAAAR too late to come back. I actually feel really sorry to the good people that actually had to deal with his bullshit. I'm surprised they didn't just kill him as soon as they can. But at least the story's pretty interesting with a pretty cool world setting. I don't quite like how the ending was just rushed & somehow the main villain is never heard from again in the end. Would've like to see it actually conclude properly. 47) The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Platform: PC AT LONG LAST. I got to play another Ace Attorney game after Spirit of Justice! And this was the localized version of the 2 games that was only available in Japan in 2015 & 2017 mixed into 1. And it. Is. Incredible. The story is awesome, the cases are awesome...... well specifically the cases in the second part of the Chronicle which continues from where the first part left off. The first part's cases were just setups of what's going to come to fruition MUCH2 later. I seriously cannot say anything because spoiling this game is doing it a diservice. All I can say: Cases 7 - 10 of this game: some of the absolute best cases in the entire Ace Attorney serious. The final case especially, is absolutely brilliant that I clapped HARD at the very end. I ususally don't do this here, but I'm giving this game badass seals of approvals. Get this game. If you don't know anything about Ace Attorney before, well good because this game's a prequel & is the perfect place to start in the series. You will not regret playing this game. GET IT NOWWWWWWWWWW 48) 12 Minutes Platform: PC This was that game that had a trailer at E3 in 2019 Finally it's released & I got to play it. Yes it's a game where you're stuck in a timeloop ala Groundhog Day & you have to figure stuff out to finally break the cycle. Sounds simple? Welllllllll nope it's not. This game is purposefully designed to fuck with your head. You have to do VERY specific things to actually get to the truth behind everything in this game, and there are definitely moments in this game where it tricks you hard into believing you found the solution to getting out of the loop, and then it all comes crashing down... I was so heartbroken when that happened. And man........ what a truth it is at the end of the tunnel. I'm not gonna say what happened, but you're gonna be in for a "wooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww............ that's fucked" moment when you finally get to the revelations. 49) Ender Lilies Platform: PC Hot damn, this might be a year of sick Metroidvania games. Record of Lodoss War, Grime, Axiom Verge 2, sadly not Hollow Knight Silksong which I'm STILL waiting for , who can't forget the return of the queen Metroid Dread coming later, and then this game. And that's not counting other hidden small Metroidvania games that's out this year of course. Ender Lilies is what I can describe as Metroidvania, with stands ahem I mean "spirit companions". The game as a whole is pretty much Dark Souls esque with an undead curse taking over a land. Only instead of kindling a bonfire to prolong the age of man, this game instead has the holy priestesses who acts as a protector of the land. Sadly the priestess dissapeared & the whole land descends to darkness with these undead desease consuming everyone. You play as a little girl who's the next priestess in line to stop the curse that's accompanied by a spirit of a dead ancient warrior & your duty is to find the source of the infection and, well, be the next linker of the fire ahem I mean stop it from consuming the whole land. Typical fun Metroidvania gameplay ensues basically. It's a pretty game with a really solid gameplay. Each time you beat a boss, they'll become your new spirit companion & they all have their skills you can use. Some of the bosses are definitely harder than others, though surprisingly the hardest boss of them all isn't even the final bosses, but a boss named Ulv, the Mad Knight. Why? Cause he's like an SNK fighting boss in a Metroidvania game. Think Geese + Rugal, and have one of his ultimate attacks tracks you where ever you are on screen. That's a recipe for a boss that will whoop your ASSSSSS. He's so hard that even after I collected almost every single items & upgrade myself with the best equipment, you can fight him again as a solo boss challenge & he will STILL destroy you if you're letting your guard down. This guy should be the final boss in this game instead of the actual final boss who I easily kill in 2 attempts, and the boss has 2 forms. HOW IS THIS SO?? 50) Psychonauts Platform: PC This is the first time I actually completed this game I heard so much about, all because the second game is finally released. And man....... this game's great! So many memorable characters, really cool levels that's based on the minds of people you meet, and to think that the whole game is basically training for Raz before he becomes an official member of the "Psychonauts" group. I cannot believe it took them so damn long to finally release a proper sequel, even though this game ends on a very obvious sequel bait. Well, the wait is over & it's time for people to finally continue Raz's adventure! If only the Steam version isn't so goddamn overprized ($100 AUD are you shitting me), I would immediately continue the adventure straight away. A well, time to wait for good discounts.
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