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  4. Gloria Victis [Beta] Setting: Medieval Realistic || Focus: PvP || Budget: ~$4M* || Engine: Unity 5 Skill-based combat mechanics à la Mount and Blade Class-less system with diversified equipment Open world with housing, territory control and sieges Complex crafting system: leatherworking, armoursmithing, weapon forging Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen [Pre-Alpha] Setting: Medieval Fantasy || Focus: PvE || Budget: ~$6M* || Engine: Unity 5 Spiritual successor to EverQuest Deeply social: dungeons require teamwork and group strategy Thrilling climbing system Perception system: the world reveals its secrets through the environment Dual Universe [Beta] Setting: Science-Fiction || Focus: PvP || Budget: ~$25M* || Engine: Unigine 2 Single shard persistent universe shared by all the players Voxel-based universe: player-made cities, stations and warships Space warfare: pirate ships, coordinated attacks, skirmishes Player-controlled global economy: mine, craft, build, optimize, barter and trade Ashes of Creation [Alpha] Setting: Medieval Fantasy || Focus: PvP || Budget: ~$30M* || Engine: Unreal 4 Nodes system: player participation influences the type of content in the surrounding areas Open world housing: players have the ability to survey and develop land anywhere in the world Castle sieges with hundreds of players with many moving parts Harsh, unforgiving and stunning environment Crowfall [Beta] Setting: Medieval Fantasy || Focus: PvP || Budget: $38M || Engine: Unity 5 Spiritual successor to Shadowbane Player-created worlds with parcels of terrain and pre-fab building pieces GvG/RvR campaigns that guilds or factions can win Deep crafting system inspired by Star Wars: Galaxies Camelot Unchained [Beta] Setting: Medieval Fantasy || Focus: RvR || Budget: ~$20M || Engine: Unchained Spiritual successor to Dark Age of Camelot Large-scale RvR battles and sieges with more than a thousand players Open world with islands that players can move to strategically reshape the world Block-by-block construction with server-side stability and destruction Saga of Lucimia [Alpha] Setting: Medieval Fantasy || Focus: PvE || Budget: $? || Engine: Unity 5 Sandbox environment: no quests and no minimap Tabletop gaming: all about team-based gameplay and friendship Progression system based on skill selection rather than generic classes Inspiring lore, myths and legends Star Citizen [Alpha] Setting: Science-Fiction || Focus: PvP || Budget: $348M || Engine: Lumberyard Spiritual successor to Freelancer Procedurally generated and handcrafted stunning worlds Open world PvP with high speed dog fights with multi-crew ships or intense FPS warfare Exploration: hidden outpost, abandoned ships and beautiful sunsets The Repopulation [Alpha] Setting: Science-Fiction || Focus: PvE/PvP || Budget: $? || Engine: Hero Engine Housing options: instanced housing, persistent world housing and player city housing Be a hero, villain, thief, diplomat, home builder, tamer, crafter or entertainer Servers with different PvP rulesets Mission system: complex multi-stage missions tailored specifically for a character Project Gorgon [Beta] Setting: Medieval Fantasy || Focus: PvE || Budget: +$1M || Engine: Unity 5 Exploration: many hidden secrets awaiting discovery Ambitious skill-based leveling system allowing the player to combine skills Old-school MMO with innovative ideas, such as morphing into animals 16 combat skills, 71 trade skills, 11 beasts skills Cross post. *Personal estimate, may be inaccurate Feel free to suggest improvements to this post!
  5. Launch is now planned for August 31st, 2021, and they've been busy lately working on new important features: a new end-game zone called Ebonscale Reach five-players instanced adventures (dungeons) new end-game mode (Outpost Rush) 20vs20 capturing outposts fishing revamped crafting improved combat quests variety
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  8. New member here Hinata just saying hi. Currently playing bf3/Bf1 Beta and ElderScrolls online. Plus a bunch of other games if anyone wants someone to play or w/e with my handle is DeadShipDwell on most games send me a message through the site. Also wanted to know if signing to the site makes me a member or is there a separate form? Thanks again, Peace!!!
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  10. Thank you for this wonderful sharing!
  11. I literally just got a PC yesterday for me and my son. And I am totally new to steam. Any recommendations for games that I should receive? I have a handful of games from my gamepass, but as of now, that's it.
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  13. My god, its so awesome saga!
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  15. Aside from the GET OVER HERE not being voiced by Ed Boon & the.... questionable Reptile design which I really hope is not Reptile but a member of his race before he shows up for real, this is one damn good trailer. All they need to do is have the fights be choreographed by the guys who did the Raid & Night Comes For Us, and don't fucking have obnoxious dogshit shaky cams & you will have a great Mortal Kombat film & one of the best video game film ever. Oh pleasepleaseplease don't fuck this up like Assassin's Creed!
  16. Hi, Can someone tell me how I can delete my account on these forums? Thanks in advance.
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  18. Hey guys! My names Jordan I'm 18 and live in South West Virginia. Please feel free to add me!
  19. My son and I are building our first gaming PC and moving from console. I get busy and lose track of time and of course he does when playing. I'd like to automatically limit his game time. Anyone use software that will logoff a profile within certain times?
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  24. Are you guys on the discord yet? GET IN THERE!
  25. Hmm. You raise a valid concern. Money doesn't grow on trees. You also got to realize that AngryJoe plays the newest of the new games, because chiefly he can with all the support we give him financially. The rest of us though are stuck in mid range, as you put it. Maybe it's time we focused on longevity with our AJSA guilds and groups. There'll always new recruits since people have time to catch up.
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  27. Metro : Last Light free on Epic Games until 11.02.2021. : https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/metro-last-light-redux/home
  28. As they say though, sooner or later time will tell... Anyhow good things will happen but its great to see they are still streaming
  29. Don't worry it will happen one day but it will be great though
  30. I writed also, 2 years ago but no one replied.
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