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  2. The pleasure is all mine guys, pleased to meet ya both
  3. Hello There,welcome to the Angry Army.Ill try to add you later.
  4. Hello and welcome! You have PC and console? Oh you'll be busy playing with the whole community then! Hope to see you around. Thanks for introducing yourself. It's a pleasure to meet you! - Rune (I also added you on Xbox Live)
  5. Hi everyone, I started watching Angry Reviews on youtube and love AJ and other Joe. Now my go-to reviewer 100%, I absolutely love watching the crew do their thing and its great to find a reviewer who tastes are aligned with my own. I appreciate the no-bs reviews and I share the same geek-love for many of his fave franchises. Easily my favorite online group for reals! Not sure where to go from here but I thought I'd at least come on and introduce myself, maybe find some gamer-buddies in the process I play mostly PC games, but also jump on PSN from time to time, Xbox too. I'm all over the place lol. Glad to meet the AJ Community!! Steam: warphoenix2014 PSN: Warphoenixx Xbox Live: Warph0enix Twitch (plan to stream eventually): Warphoenix2017
  6. One of the best movie based on a video game. Which is actually surprisingly easy to do since the game is just about you being an immigration officer with a lot of stuff that happens which will be a good watch in a film. And this film does a great job at capturing what's in the game. Bravo! Sad that in this film Elisa's denied entry. I always let her in.
  7. Yesterday
  9. Say wut? Infant days of computer gaming? What you talkin bout Willis? Baldur's gate as the start of RPG renaissance on PC. The game genre goes back to late 70's (literaly - Richard "Lord Brittish" Garriot was making RPGs in 1970, Ultima 0 had limited release in 1979). EDIT: I wish I wasn't sick as a dog, becouse I'd love to have joined.
  10. When I heard about this, mega face-palm. Very unfortunate. Glad this was covered.
  11. You're all set. Nah, you weren't on the list before. Adding your name is optional, so I don't update the list unless someone has posted here (or gave me permission to add their name because of X, Y or Z reasons).
  12. I could not upload an image manually; however, I did get my preferred image using Gravatar.
  13. Do other images work if you try to upload something else or is everything just setting it back to your old avatar?
  14. I just don't get Kon..... those prick's mindset right now. Is this their way of trying to destroy their own company from within? They are the absolute worst game company right now, next to EA, and unlike EA who at least tried to appeal to the public, a bit, they just continue to make retarded decisions after decisions with their games that makes them even more hated. It's like they're begging to be lynched in public! Either way, the review is gonna be sweet. I can't wait!
  15. This is quite an interesting project you are working on. I am wondering... your website mentions a demo that would take you up to the time travel area of the game. Say you had all of the funds that you needed, would it be possible for you to give an estimate of how long it would take to produce the demo that you have planned?
  16. Last week
  17. Yeah, so every now and then I get sick of having the same picture for my avatar, so I change it up a bit. I have done this before on the site; however, this time I am trying to change it to the avatar I use on Discord. So I choose the avatar that I plan to use. It is 154 kb, which is less than the the .5 mb limit and it is also a .jpg file. I hit save and when it takes me to the screen to resize my image, it is my previous pic. I am just a little irritated by this. If anyone knows what the problem is, please let me know.
  18. Sign me up
  19. Unfortunately, that's unlikely. If they are indeed making the third film in secret, we would have heard about it. Especially from Indonesia since it's very common over there to have leaked development infos. Currently Gareth Evans is making a film for Netflix called Apostle that's going to be released in September 28. So my best bet is that after that is done, he'll straight away go back to Raid 3. Beat Takeshi's a good choice, as a behind the scenes guy for the yakuzas. Hmmmm, Donnie Yen vs Iko Uwais...... now that's going to be a treat! I can't fucking wait! But seeing how the yakuzas are most likely going to be the main villains of the third film, I doubt Donnie will be in it. The final battle will probably be against a really good Japanese martial artist, but we shall see. All that matters is I want the final fight to be as fucking amazing as 2. As for trilogy that waited many years until the third movie and it's still good...... well there's these films: Toy Story 3 Daniel Craig 007 Skyfall Thor Ragnarok Dark Knight Rises Evil Dead 3 Army of Darkness
  20. Ya what if there actually making the sequel but there just keeping it a secret. Also I dont think waiting a number of years to make a third film because Hellboy and Ghostbusters took too long make a third film and now their trilogies will never be completed!!!!!! When was there a trilogy that waited many years until making a third movie and it was still good? And I really hope that they also bring in the Triads for the 3rd and have that teacher from Battle Royal and Donnie Yen to be in it.
  21. Welcome AJSA, to my lair. Let's us kick back, relax and dive back in time; back to when gaming was young and play a classic. Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition - a game made back during the infant days of computer gaming, based off the 2nd Edition of the D&D rule set, will take you through a magical journey of betrayal, dragons, demons and tension. So grab your dice, grab those pens and ROLL INITIATIVE! The event will take place on the AJSA Discord, on Saturday, the 24th, at 2pm EST/ 7pm GMT.
  22. until
    Welcome AJSA, to my lair. Let's us kick back, relax and dive back in time; back to when gaming was young and play a classic. Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition - a game made back during the infant days of computer gaming, based off the 2nd Edition of the D&D rule set, will take you through a magical journey of betrayal, dragons, demons and tension. So grab your dice, grab those pens and ROLL INITIATIVE! The event will take place on the AJSA Discord, on Saturday, the 24th, at 2pm EST/ 7pm GMT.
  23. Hello to all, RAWconcrete is an ambitious attempt to create the very first side-scrolling photo-realistic (or as close as it can get) fully 2D game. The game is inspired by Half-Life 2 and Hearth of Darkness. It's about a prodigy, a young boy, who built a time machine...It will feature innovative combat mechanics (Transmutator gun), photo-realistic graphics, realistic animations, audio and above all very interesting storyline. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the work done so far. Unfortunately, we cannot post photos on this forum, or not yet it seems so, go to website. Leave us a comment there or here, wherever. UPDATES PAGE http://www.rawconcretegame.com/ ABOUT THE GAME http://www.rawconcretegame.com/about
  24. Stop by the Halo Waypoint forum and tell us what's at the top of your personal wish list for MCC's playlists and potential new features: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/84ad72a8b51847978545f685f651fc15/topics
  25. Maybe we can play together What ya thing ?
  26. Hi there I just want to ask there are any Polish people that I can play with ? or any from EU ? I love playing with guys from USA but the issue is timezone. When most of USA people are playing in my timezone it is about 2:00 am xD Thats why i cant even wait for them cuz i am going sleep every time i am waiting. NEVER SURRENDER
  27. Sadly........ On 6 January 2014, Total Film reported that The Raid 3 will take place two hours before the end of The Raid 2.[80] On 19 April 2014, during an interview with Metro, director Evans said that he is planning to take a break from martial arts movies for two or three years before filming it.[81][82][83] The Raid 3 was planned for a 2018 or 2019 release.[84] However, in a 21 November 2016 interview with Impact Online, director Evans revealed the sequel was on hold with the franchise likely having ended, stating "Moving back to UK felt like a closing chapter on that franchise – we ended the story pretty neatly (I feel) in Part 2. I'm aware there's an interest for it [...] So never say never, but it's unlikely to happen anytime soon." NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! What is with this cliffhanger teasing?? I WANT TO SEE THE RAID 3 DAMN IT!!! I want to see Iko Uwais fight even more martial artists so that I can see even more fucking amazing fight scenes!!! Though on the bright side, we'll be getting it. Just not anytime soon. Perhaps this is intentional on Gareth's part? Like it turns out that Rama after the fucking amazing fight in 2 got so beaten up that he had to take a very long year break in a coma.... or in hiding. And then 3 happened and it's all about the conclusion with him vs the Yakuzas. I can't wait to see the trailer for 3 to come out of nowhere and the anticipation builds up again after seeing it.
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