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  3. MWO Casual Drops

    Behold the Angry Army, Warriors of the Inner Sphere! Mission: This is a high priority mission. We will group up and proceed with Private Matches, Quick Drops, and potential Invasion matches for the duration of the Event. This is an open event, all are invited, and several high profile personalities have been invited. Enemy: Each other or public pilots. Terrain: To be determined. Time: 2pm EDT, 07/29/2017. Duration: 2+ hours Location: AJSA Discord-> MWO Dropship 1 Command/Signal: Leadership TBD. RSVP by commenting below. Questions may be asked here as well. Please come ready to use your mic and communicate respectfully/effectively. See you there. NO GUTS, NO GALAXY.
  4. Hey all! ive been watching Angry Joe's content for the last 3 years on YouTube and I gotta say, JOE BUSTS HIS BUTT to deliver quality content for all his viewers. I can't believe that all those haters are going nucking futz over him taking a vacation. He has been doing this for longer than some channels have been around. I don't agree with everything he says, but that doesn't mean that I'm gonna downvote a video for that reason. This is his job. This is how he is able to make a living. Any job you take in customer service, manufacturing, hell even telemarketing will give you at least a week paid vacation once a year. Give the man a break. Joe, do what you gotta do. All of us who truly support you will still be here when you get back.
  5. youtube haters, content

    I don't really watch Joe's content but I don't really see any reason to be upset about this. It's easy to ignore, it's not like he's posting drama videos, or response videos, or stealing content, or posting clickbait titles all the time to cover up 20 minute babbling over lets play footage, or actively making people stupid like a lot of gaming channels do. Usually once you get an audience like Joe you start getting people asking you about your thoughts on every popular movie or game trailer anyway. Those aren't proof of anything, Joe's just a guy who makes Youtube videos who gives higher and lower scores than other people would give games all the time. Joe's review score on a game isn't a correct and infallible one, it's an opinion, one that doesn't even follow the same type of scale and one that isn't discussed with an editor when a review is created without even having a score in mind. I know people that loved and hated each of those games for a variety of reasons (except for Hardline, I don't know anyone who cared about that). You can find reviews where Joe has given AAA games higher scores, where sites have scored AAA or popular games lower than the average score at other places or than Joe, at certain points sites have had reviews written by multiple people with them giving up to 4 points in score difference. A large portion of people at larger sites don't even want review scores, or only see value to them because they know most people don't actually read anything apart from the title and the number at the end, freelancers might have to create a score based on an individual sites number chart or discuss what they want to give it with an editor. The best reviews typically aren't even going to be written with the author worrying about consumers or a game company's financial situation, if microtransactions are an active part of a game they are likely mentioned in the reviews but neither major sites or Joe really do anything to stop that kind of content or bad business practices through reviews.
  6. I still only have vanilla. I enjoy it a lot but I refuse to get the dlc even though the price and what they offer seem good (provided you enjoy new difficulty settings, if you don't, I wouldn't say it's worth it). Why? Because last month the psn had a sale for the season pass which I TRIED to get but the psn store wasn't working for me for like 2 days until the sale was over, I called their tech support while the sale was still up and they were like 'we locked the account for 24 hours cuz of these issues, just try again later", and I'm like "the sale is OVER later. can you at least 'reserve' buy it for me until then'? 'you can try buying it later'. "yes I know I can buy it later, but it will be 30 bucks more later, may I buy it at its current price now and simply download it later or something'? 'you may buy it later'... fuck... it would be less frusterating if the moron was like 'sorry but no'. but no, he just said the same line like a fucking robot. aghahg.
  7. Welcome to the AJSA, check the New Member's Guide for helpful links
  8. Alright, interesting information about persistence in Alpha 3.0 - sounds like Alpha 3.0 will have even more depth than I hoped for. .
  9. Hey there Sphinct, welcome to the Angry Army!
  10. Today ACE continues the first ever full Let's Play of Codename Eagle, a precursor to the famous Battlefield series released first in Europe in 1999, made with the same engine by some of the same developers. Time for some Dam busting!
  11. Yesterday
  12. Eh not so much about the help but welcome to link up and have fun if you like. Again just swnd me a message and ill add you on the clan. Which is up now
  13. youtube haters, content

    It doesn't make much sense for me. I don't watch Game of Thrones, so I don't watch the GOT stuff he does. No biggie, I'll wait for the next interview or Let's Play or something.
  14. Hey Guys, I just got this account just so I could hopefully get a post to Joe and friends to tell them hang in there. Obviously, you have a lot of love from a lot of people. It sucks to become troll bait. I'm one of those guys that never reads comments---like most people. I think Joe ought to consider just turning comments back on and letting his fans fight for him. Ignoring trolls is the most effective way to deal with them. By leaving comments turned off, you are creating a negative buzz about it. I believe there would be no buzz after too long, if you just turned them back on. Negative people need fuel to thrive. Stay positive brother Thanks for all the great content over the years!!!
  15. youtube haters, content

    For writing, thoughts, interviews and videos, I won't argue the quality of IGN or Gamespot. I used to watch both Press Start and The Lobby regularly. But for REVIEWS, for HONEST reviews that put the CUSTOMER first? Nah, they sold out. Want proof? Here's a quick list of games Joe, IGN and Gamespot have recently reviewed. Evolve Angry Joe: 5/10 Gamespot: 8/10 IGN: 9/10 Batman: Arkham Knight Angry Joe: 6/10 Gamespot: 7/10 IGN: 9.2/10 Battlefield Hardline Angry Joe: 5/10 Gamespot: 7/10 IGN: 8/10 Outlast 2 Angry Joe: 6/10 Gamespot: 7/10 IGN: 8.3/10 My criteria for this list was fairly simple. I wanted a greater than 1.5 point difference between Angry Joe's score, and the average of Gamespot and IGN's. I had to set that, because in almost every case both Gamespot and IGN will score ANY AAA released game, at least one full point higher than Joe does. And, in many of their reviews, neither Gamespot nor IGN will focus on customer concerns such as microtransactions or day one DLC. The only thing both news outlets will objectively bash when it occurs, is the connectivity issues.
  16. youtube haters, content

    That's the question I'm trying to figure out an answer for myself.
  17. youtube haters, content

    In the last video Joe has open to us why he disable comments and likes.I follow Joe long time now since 2009 and part of the community since 2013. Everyone have ups and downs ,sometimes people lose faith in us. Your channel is build on Video Game reviews and now when you want do something many people not like cause they need time to get used to it.You are very great reviewer and do very good job. I wish all of best for his channel and i will always help community to grow and what ever happens we will be beside Joe always. And for others i do not write this cause im part of AJSA community but to let him do stuff he likes. I stayed Sub on his YT cause i like his Game contents,he want to do movies its ok i will wait until there is game review cause he is also human like we are.We are all here because of Joe ,he made us come together and play together.The people ranting on youtube only go there for videos ,they do not know the hard work you do in record ,than edit video.Now is time we help Joe and understand him. Hey even i not like sometimes some movie reviews i skip them and wait other but not because of joe but because i not like movie and i not hate what he do, what he like,That makes him happy.I write all this because i am feeling injustice for Joe ,he do all this years putting honest reviews and i want to share my support to him.Hell my fav. Rome 2 was 40 minutes, you know how much that is time for just edit.Once again You have my respect always. So if he read this its ok,if not its ok again also,Joe have my respect.Stop hating stuff that make other people happy. And i will see you again at next Angry Joe Show :-)
  18. Welcome to the AJSA forums! Nice to meet you. Overwatch is a very fun game. Have you tried out Doomfist yet? If so, how do you like him?
  19. youtube haters, content

    So everyone is mad because he's making less reviews when he so far has 10? He seems to average 13/14 a year. Some years more then others. If he does reviews in Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec, then he'll be at 14. He may end with his average amount, and he's doing more content in between. What's the problem?
  20. youtube haters, content

    If there's any content that should be dropped it's those stupid reaction videos because it's just low effort, bottom of the barrel content (MOST of the time) if you search reaction stuff on YouTube.
  21. Hello! I have been watching Angry Joe for a few months now, and finally decided to make an account! I enjoy playing games like Overwatch, but I haven't gotten very far in it because solo-queing quickplay can only be fun for so long. What drives me to play games is achievements. Achievements drive me through any obstacles, even bad games. I have about 1k on steam, and i plan to get a lot further. I have two cats that are my world, and sit on my feet when i game, so I feel like they are as part of a gaming experience as my hands and keyboard I hope to have fun here!
  22. Probably should get a thread with the actual game title but what the heck. Anyways some new screenshots have been released for Project Vein: http://fextralife.com/code-vein-releases-ton-new-action-packed-screenshots/
  23. youtube haters, content

    I haven't posted in a long damn time, but I saw this thread got revived when I got an e-mail for it. If you look at my first post, I was on Joe's side. Not because I'm a fanboy and not because I think his fans are retarded, but because of the way fans talk to him like they know him personally. 1. It's his damn channel. He created it. 2. He didn't force anyone to subscribe or love him. You did that yourselves. 3. Just because he has fans, doesn't mean he should bow down to their wishes. Sure, he should, but he doesn't have to. 4. Nobody really knows what's best for his channel or him, only he does. 5. What's happening behind that Joe video, behind his camera, we don't know. Who are we to judge? I do agree with fans on one thing and that's several promises he made that he never ended up making true. If you will make a promise like that, you should really do your best to fulfill it. I can understand the blow that Joe is getting and I honestly think some of it is deserved, but I harshly disagree with how the blows are done. "I've been your loyal sub and you do this to me and us? fuck off you sell out." "Used to be a great channel. now he's just getting fat off of the money he milks from his shitty movie reviews" etc etc etc, any insults or judgmental comments, I'm harshly against it. You are not his mother or his father, you haven't done anything for him besides clicked the sub button and watched his all previous videos when mighty Joe was great. He did all the hard work, you just watched and laughed at it and now most fans think that they deserve some kind of compensation? No. Also, if you donated him money, for anyone that did, also, that was your choice. Nobody forces you upon it. It's your fault, if you regret it now. It's kind of like preordering a video game. Risks involved. He wants to make money and he will do it any way he likes it. The hard way, the easy way, the fast way - who are we to judge him? If his channel fails because of his current decisions, only he can blame himself. And if that happens, the fans who hated him can taps themselves on the back and say they warned him.
  24. youtube haters, content

    I don't really understand these comments, he's on track to posting what will probably be more reviews than last year. I don't know why his Youtube financial situation is such a concern for you, even more so when you don't know how much he earns on Youtube, through sponsored content, or through Twitch. From what he says and what the views show he could very well end up making more on his content that isn't reviews. Friday 13th has 1.2+ million views, Injustice 2 has 800,000+, his movie reviews of Spiderman and Transformers have 440,000+ and 760,000+ and they are newer, he enjoyed making them and they take less time, energy, and money for him to create. It's worked just fine for a lot of other people, and they all seem happier for it or it doesn't seem to have effected them. Having people constantly complaining is going to take a toll on most people, it's certainly something that has effected many other Youtubers. Four years ago was four years ago and with the environment around most gaming communities having only gotten worse since then and an additional four years of feeling the effects of it it can change the situation. This is all without even getting into people starting fights in his comment section or covering it with offensive comments either aimed at Joe, his friends, other commenters, or other people. As he's been saying for years though, he doesn't want to do that. He likes doing the other content and the streaming as well, and is obviously in a situation where that has been working for him financially and where he would rather not have the comments on that content rather than no longer creating it. I don't even know if that will be the case, he has drama channels making videos of him and a toxic Youtuber whining about his comment being deleted and that's really nothing that hasn't happened before and will happen again no matter what he ends up doing. The implication that those sites are lying to people is ridiculous, and they and similar sites have had or have people in their employ or freelance positions that currently put out what is easily some of the best writing, thoughts, interviews, and videos in the industry, as well as people who have gone on to work in game design and created well received titles.
  25. youtube haters, content

    I personally think that this is just unnecessary drama.
  26. I havent played in a while but could certainly help out the angry army.
  27. youtube haters, content

    True, except that an Angry Game review, takes a FULL playthrough of any one game. This has been the year of the Sandbox and the Lootbox: Horizon Zero Dawn, Mass Effect, Andromeda, Friday the 13th, For Honor. Any ONE of those games, is a bare minimum week's mandatory investment. Especially now that the publishers aren't willing to hand out review codes to people who won't tow the IGN/Gamespot line. An Angry Movie review, takes a night at the movies. And Joe doesn't have to sift THROUGH the movie for hours on end, to demonstrate his points. He's not trying to replicate glitches or poor design that he encountered but maybe didn't have recorded. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE a good No Man's Sky level rip on a bad game. But in any kind of entertainment production, there's a terrible hidden truth: very little of the WORK, is actually shown. Excluding the gameplay, it takes a good two to three hours of production, editing and polishing, for any ONE hour of content that someone brings out for full view. Now, you add IN the 30-40 hours of a current sandbox game, or the 20 hours of something like For Honor or Outlast 2, and that one 30 minute review seems like a LOT of work. And, it's all work that is based on games coming out being WORTHY of a good or bad review, that won't get flagged for a DMCA strike. Sure, Joe could knock up a Splatoon 2 review over three days of playing, writing, producing and submitting a video....and Nintendo will strip any money he would make FROM that video, if not outright block it if he cranked hard on the VOIP. Joe's doing right by his channel. He's a gamer, and despite what many want to say, he's been keeping up WITH gaming news and releases. Go to his youtube page right now, and you'll see that for every two of the movie or TV show reviews, there's at least one game related video, if not a full on review. And he's not descending into clickbait news article vids about gaming, like the Alex Mauer/Star Mazer stuff. He's doing real promos and opinion pieces on games that ARE coming. But because the content that's on his page isn't JUST gaming, people are wrongfully freaking out, making false claims and generally giving him NO reason whatsoever to keep doing this. Who wants to work at a job where all the feedback is variations on "YOU SUCK, SELLOUT!!!" I wish the trolls(Not you Glaice but we both know who I'm talking about) could get their wish, and Joe decides to pack it in. That way, they could feel all righteous and indignant for a few days, and then realize they drove out an honest voice in gaming, to be quickly replaced by the next IGN/Gamespot toady telling them lies. They'll feel SOOOO much better then.
  28. Roadhog is getting a defensive buff:
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