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  8. Goddamn, been a while since I updated this. And I played so many damn games that I forgot about them until I look back on it. XD 113) Stories: the Path of Destinies Platform: PC This is a pretty cool "choose your own adventure" game. So you play as Reynardo the fox guy war vet in the middle of a war between other bipedal animals. You stumbled upon this book after you failed to safe a friend from being killed, which I guess gives you time travel power, and then what you do from here onwards is up to you. The combat is pretty simple in that it's a simplified Batman Arkham game where you hack and slash and dodge enemy attacks, with each enemy getting progressively stronger & annoying. You have a skill tree that grants you more complex abilities the further the game goes, but the main part of this game is the explorations & the multiple paths you can take. This game has 25 different endings. JEEZUS. But don't be scared, you're only required to do 4 endings, but it has to be the endings with a different outcome than the others. Some endings are just variants of the other ending you picked. So for example: you can get an ending where you try to win the heart of a girl you like, and she will either get turned to the darkside & kills you, or turn to the darkside a different way & kills her father and then you. Something like that. I like how the entire game is voiced by one guy, and he did a good job of narrating & voicing, even the only girl in the story is voiced by him. Each time you beat the game, you can retain all the upgrades you get from the previous playthrough. And the goal of the game is to see the possible outcome, and then use the knowledge to get a new option which will bring you to the best ending. So there's 24 bad endings, and 1 best ending. Be prepared to see a lot of the same areas visited over and over again during your multiple playthroughs, but the best ending is worth fighting for. After this, there's a spiritual successor game the dev made named Omensight, which from what I see is an improved version of this game with more features put in & it takes place in the same universe. Oh, and they actually have different voice actors for different characters. Can't wait to try that out one of these days! 114) Rogue Legacy 2 Early Access Platform: PC It's been a LOOOOONG time since the first game whooped my ass & killed generations upon generations of knights, and now the cursed tale begins again. Since this is early access the game is still only giving you the first part of the castle to explore + an unfinished part of the next area, but it's still the same difficult game as the first. This time though you got new classes & abilities to help your journey just a tiny bit easier. And even new traits like making everything seem like an old gameboy game, making everything upside down, make a spotlight shine only on you so you have limited visibility you get the idea. The plus side is some of these gives you MASSIVE gold bonuses so you get rewarded more if you made it through the game with these handicaps. Wonder what the full game will be like. 115) Alternate Jake Hunter: DAEDALUS The Awakening of Golden Jazz Platform: PC That is one of the longest game titles I've ever seen. Which is why I got this game to begin with. ;p As the name suggests, this game is part of the "Jake Hunter" series of detective games. I kind of saw the previous games in the series a bit, and this game is a prequel to many of the games. Also even though usually the character's name is Jake Hunter in the english version, they decided to put his original Japanese name Saburo Jinguji here instead. It makes sense since this game takes place when he visits USA to avenge the death of his grandfather years before he becomes a full adult chainsmoking detective, so better make it not confusing. Aside from the title, the game's artstyle also draws me in to play it. Look at how cool it looks! Yep, it uses that real life google map view mixed in with 2d sprites. It's pretty cool. The gameplay of this game is like playing the investigation portions of Ace Attorney games. Go to this location to trigger cutscenes, then go to the next spot in the map to trigger the next cutscene. Many trial and error random picking is required until you get to the next parts of the game. Rinse and repeat. Unfortunate that it doesn't have an epic courtroom scene, but in its place are the "I will solve the case" confrontation with witnesses. The first case in this game is the most annoying of them all because there's so many back and forth to the same place that you have to do, but it ends in a cool way so it makes up for it. Later in the final acts though is when things gets intense & cool. And the whole game even have specific moments where you have to pick the right option to solve the final mystery of the game: who killed your grandfather. If you pick wrong, you get the ending where the true culprit gets away, so there's a bit of a replayability present. You should definitely see the walkthrough of this game after finishing the game once to have an easy time getting the options right. There's also a second multiple choice option that give you the cute romance resolution, but you can easily do it in the first case of the game. Now that I've played this game, I'm interested in seeing how the other game in the series plays like. Probably the same way with completely changed names for the characters. Ahhhhh the good old localization shenanigans. Only Phoenix Wright can do it right. 116) ULTRAKILL Early Access Platform: PC It's Quake/ Doom 2016 + DMC with a biblical motif. That is an instant win right there. You're a robot that has to get through various onslaught of enemies pestering you, racking up skill points along the way while collecting well hidden secrets. You get different weapons with infinite ammo starting with the pistol to a super sick railgun & a nail machine gun with the same tracking ability as a ZF 1 which makes it instantly my favorite weapon in the game. Each weapon have an alternate config that you can buy. Currently since the game is early access, you only get 1 alternate variant with most weapons. Rest assured though, when the full game is out, CHAOS WILL REIGN SUPREME! 117) Mafia: Definitive Edition Platform: PC The remake of the first game in the Mafia trilogy. I have been waiting for this game ever since it was announced, which was surprisingly recent. And well, it's the remake of the first game, the one with the best story in the trilogy by far. And it doesn't disappoint. Mostly. The story is more or less the same as the original game with the same missions. The biggest difference though are the character personality. Tommy is no longer the nice guy that got put in a bad situation like in the original. Here he's more or less Vito with the same hot head & he's much more fitting to be a mafia. Paulie's less of a Joe Pesci looking guy & more like that friend you have that drinks & unsuccessfully try to hit on ladies, Sam's less stoic & more expressive, Salieri's more prone to being angry, Sarah actually have more roles in this game than she ever did have in the original which was just 1 mission, and Frank gives you this very good life advice. The game gives you more reason to believe the story progression than the original game did, which is cool. The end of the game still gets you, but at least this time you don't have to cry & get depressed too much. Gameplay uses the same engine as Mafia 3, but Tommy is less deadly in his execution than Lincoln. Still the gunplay is fun even if the weapons lack their great punches & it's perfect for the many action sequences you get to play. Unfortunately the same can't be said to the music department. Aside from the always great main theme that's only used TWICE in the entire game, this game decides to have an original soundtrack. This new soundtrack........ is ok, but the game insists on having most of the same 3 songs over and over and over in the story cutscene & the action cutscene. The original game still to this day has a superior list of songs. Hell, I even put the original song for one of the main mission, and it actually makes the part even better than when it uses this game's song! Ah well, if you mute the soundtrack & play the original Mafia 1 music, it's perfect so there's that. Still a great time I had revising the story, and even though the free roam section of this game is pretty much bare boned, I would've liked for the mode to have action sequences rather than just collecting collectables, the main story missions are fun & I think this game is the best balanced out of the Mafia trilogy. 118) Batman Arkham Origins Platform: PC AT LAST. I have finally completed this long time coming Arkham prequel!! Back in 2013 I was about to finish the game, but unfortunately the final boss section bugged the fuck out, so I ended up getting stuck down in the floor, falling endlessly into a black screen & can't continue the game. The only choice I had back then was to replay the entire game over again..... FUCK THAT. Good thing years later they patched it, so when I reloaded my save file, the part was fixed & I finally beat the damn game. PHEW. But I did go back to the first few missions of the game because I wanted to fight Deathstroke again. He is still after all this years such a damn good boss fight, I love it! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/737839760?filter=highlights&sort=time 119 & 120) Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions & Hades Platform: PC 2 unexpectedly awesome games that are my personal top 10 best games of 2020. I suspect Watch Dogs Legion & definitely Cyberpunk 2077 to be on that list. Hieheehehehehehahahahahahaha 121) Streets of Kamurocho Platform: PC Oooohhh man, what a fucking letdown this was. When the game had it's trailer & it shows Kiryu & Majima having the same movelist as Axel, I was already disappointed that they don't have special moves of their own. But I was still looking forward to play the game because I want to see the many stages of Streets of Rage 2 be Yakuza themed. THEN I found out that this game is just the first SOR 2 game reskinned and you play it over and over and over again. When you get enough points, you get Ichiban from Yakuza 7. YAY. But HE'S ALSO JUST FUCKING AXEL ALL OVER AGAIN. FUCK. THIS. SHIT!! It was so depressing that I immediately play Yakuza Kiwami 2 to wash the bad taste off my mouth. Good thing my pal accompanied me when I played the games so I didn't lose my sanity! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/776964061?filter=highlights&sort=time
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  26. Really fun game you will definitely love this game I am playing mobile version using bluestack and you can play with pc players also crossplay
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  28. Game: Descent Platform: PC Play Time: ~7.5 hrs I didn't know much about Descent prior to jumping into it, other than it's a series that made its beginnings in the DOS era. But I ended up quite enjoying the 6DOF space shooter. Now I played the DOSBox-powered Steam version of the game, and one thing I have to say is I'm surprised how fluidly the game controls for a DOS game from 1995. The feel really was spot-on. The soundtrack was the game's uncontested highlight, followed closely by the delightfully crusty early 3D graphics. Gameplay was fun for the most part, counting out some dickish design elements in some levels - a particularly frustrating example was having to somehow weave between a dozen homing rockets with next to no cover - and a couple enemy types that caused insurmountable amounts of grief. The two boss battles weren't particularly fun either. At any rate, Descent was overall a pretty fine package, and I'm looking forward to playing the two sequels. Rating: 4 / 5
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