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  7. even by his own standard if you look at his previous 6/10 games none compare to this.and the problems with the story are nothing more than how some wanted them to be not actual event problems. and knit picking small details.that are meaningless or coulda shouda woulda scenerios
  8. Some of you may be aware of the game Mortal Shell, a new Soulslike game announced months ago that has ragdoll flying physics. For some reason. The game was in closed beta starting 2 days ago, but because so many people registered for the closed beta, the game dev decided "fuck it, it's now open beta. Have fun everyone!" And there you go. You can play the game's beta right now like what I'm going to do after this. All you need is to download it right here through Epic Game Store. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/mortal-shell/beta Enjoy, and prepare to die. HUAHAHAHAHAHA
  9. ............................... Actually no. I like the game, but I am aware that this is not a game that will make everyone happy. There's a lot of people that hated it, and also those that like it. But we definitely think this is not a perfect 10 out of 10 game that media outlets touted it to be because of the various problems the story has. Joe's simply telling what he thinks about the game after he completed it and thought over the entire game's story, and I completely understand it because many people also share his thoughts on it. If you just want to put typical stock troll youtube commenter copypasta, then just go back to youtube.
  10. you did it to follow the crowds or get hits to rate this game so low there can be no other excuse.you let us all down joe been following you for years.and I can honestly say you did yourself irreparable damage IMHO.YOUR TAINTED like all the rest
  11. I know people in the industry. I know it is true. To make things easier to understand, there are 3 main types of developers: 1. AAA (expensive as hell) 2. Independent (veterans who have left the AAA) 3. Indie (self taught or schooled, never involved with AAA) (could also be refereed to as 'home brew', as people get confused between 2 & 3) The problem right now, is that indie games is seen as a mixture of 2 & 3. As in, all indie game developers are the same thing. When in reality, it's safe to say that 2 & 1 are actually the same things. Also, when a true indie developer 'makes it', as in sells millions of copies, then there are basically AAA. How else do people define success? It's sad. It seems people are so confused. If you're a reviewer who claims to indie games, it helps to actually research who the actual developers are. Also keep in mind that - these days, companies get away with making fake reviews. They know how to get around loopholes in the law. Final note: 'Industry Standard' is a lie. It is a 'Monopoly' in disguise. Looking at you Adobe. If someone claims to be industry standard, they have an agenda. If everyone believes that 1 software package is the ONLY thing that will suffice, they are liars. If certain software packages are turned into 'a must', to get a simple job, it's a Monopoly. A lie. A farce. Wake up. Stop being pawns to creepy nerds who do not have good intentions. All they want is your money, and a Monopoly over industry. Which true Capitalism, does not, has not, will not ever support. And now we have video game reviewers who constantly rant on about how bad AAA games are, instead of helping the true indies. All I am saying, is give true indies a chance.
  12. ...AJ, please just ignore AAA (or just make the reviews for them like under 5 mins. Fu*&'em) The public needs you for exposure. As the only 'real' advertising, is giving Google or Facebook even more money, they don't even need. YouTube gets a few billion a year but they can't even implement basic stuff? Come on now. & Yes, I am basically yelling at you. I've emailed many 'top you-tubers', they must be too busy, or get too many emails because they hardly respond. They have enough time, to play AAA games, and get frustrated. Is the community awful? Well, believe it or not, the community is what you make it. WOW hu? Mind blowing stuff right there. I could easily say, it's all awful. I'm starting to hate you tubers for constantly falling into the trap of AAA. It's just the same thing over & over again.
  13. CD PROJEKT RED's 2015 Legendary 10 out of 10 classic the Witcher III is a monumental achievement in game crafting and story telling. Though amid it's successes, it had many failures. The Witcher 3 is not a "detective/investigation" game. Although Investigations play an important role in advancing the story. Though the developers didn't create a particularly rich experience. The Investigation Mechanic Is Almost Infantile when juxtaposed against the Witcher's themes. The Combat is nothing revolutionary. Fighting minor monsters is generic and repetitive, and fighting humans has no weight other than having to survive or slaughter. The Fast Travels System Is Novel But Can Be Tedious For New Players. Also, the crafting and mutation systems have never been tested in an other game. The Witcher III is not the brightest example game of any one system. In fact, most of the systems, when examined individually, can be an example of a poorly implemented one. The Witcher III Became A Legendary Entry Into The Video Game Archives was by delivering a powerful narrative that was cohesive enough to determined the game's systems. The Narrative of Witcher III is delivered with such conviction, that the simplistic game systems and untested innovations don't interfere with the delivery of the story. The Strength of Witcher III is convincing players they are a Witcher. And Although the Witcher III's systems are often bland, because players are convinced they are the only person who can solve monster human conflicts, players don't notice. In fact, if the investigation and combat systems were more delectable, they would have taken away from the experience. The systems would have gotten in the way. Witcher III Wild Hunt is a Fantasium of Imagination Because The Fantasium Was Allowed To Determine the Systems. PLAY MY GAME SPACE UTILITY LABOUR FORCE AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD aND wITHOuT mICROTRANSACTIONS WWW.GOVERSUSSTOP.CA
  14. Kholat is just a shameless exploitation of a real-life Dyatlov Pass Incident with complete nonsense thrown in + Sean Bean. The recent Blair Witch game is better than that game, and that game's not that good to begin with. Want a horror game? Cry of Fear's the best bet. And that game's free.
  15. Yep, that's the number I expected. This is definitely a game where spoilers need to be said because it'll really determine whether you enjoy the game or not. To borrow a quote I did on the games beaten post just recently: Well, the Coffin gang is there so good thing there's a music gag in the end. Fun fact: this is the origin of where the coffin dance comes from. Yes, it's a thing that started to make funerals more upbeat. Unfortunate they can't do it now because of Corona, but they have the meme vids though! And here's the spoiler discussion Now that I replayed the game again on new game + with all the upgrades & the enhanced listening mode that highlights the items, it's definitely a much more fun time since there's more challenge in the fights. I also see more behind the game's ending now, and it definitely is not as bad as it looks because of many things:
  16. Was never interested in Shenmue anyway. Dare I say I don't give 2 shits about the whole Shenmue series in general. Seen what it is about, and I'll just leave it to those fans to enjoy the games. I got better fish to fry. Cos after Shadow of War and Silent Hill 2, I'm tempted to enjoy this little Horror game I still have in my library called Kholat.
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  19. Those 3 are good choices. Shadow of War, that's an unfortunate game that got ruined by microtransactions. I love that game even if the end part was too much of a grind. No, do not play Hello Neighbour. Everything in that game is so fucking cryptic, that it's intentionally designed to make you go insane. I am dead serious when I say I rather play Ride to Hell all over again than play that crap again because Ride to Hell is intentionally made to be so bad that it's entertaining, NOT so bad it makes you question your sanity & want to throw your PC to the streets! This is a game that needs a guide to progress through the game because there is no way in horatio coppernickle bum bum's ass that you will get through the game in 1 sitting blind. Also while I'm on it, do not play Shenmue 3. That & Hello Neighbour are in the same league as games that make you go insane, but Shenmue 3 was a much more colossal disappointment because it took everything annoying that should've stayed in Shenmue 1 & 2, make them even more annoying, got rid of the fun Sega games while having them be replaced by shallow minigames that's not fun at all & by the 20th hour of doing the same horse stance & wing chun punch just to level up your power bar because apparently Ryo forgot almost all that training he learned from the previous games, everything you did in the entire game is utterly pointless because it's all just a damn filler episode anyway that is going to continue in Shenmue 4. FUCK. THIS. GAME.
  20. Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Terk, and I am a content creator on Twitch and YouTube, focusing on hardware and technology reviews. I'm a proud member of the #pcmasterrace, but have taken a recent liking to the PS5 and XBoxSeriesX announcements. You can catch me on my socials @ theterk and am always willing to help out with any PC/tech issues you might have. I'm always up for Overwatch, COD, Apex, and other popular titles. https://twitch.tv/theterk https://youtube.com/c/theterk
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  22. ya, definitely upgrade that CPU to i7-4770k. having the extra threads will really go a long way. As for GPU, definitely upgrade that, the GTX 760 is very old and underpowered by today's standards. even a 1060 would work well here.
  23. Oh well. As I said before, for me personally the gameplay doesn't matter when the story and the characters are this awful. Hadn't played Hello Neighbour. Will try it one day to see if it really is as awful as you say. Comparing it with Ride to Hell sounds like a big yikes. So far this summer I had a great time with Mad Max, Middle-Earth Shadow of War and Silent Hill 2.
  24. 90) Uncharted 4 Platform: PS4 It's Uncharted 4, and as awesome as it was before. After playing all 3 remaster back to back, this game shines even brighter when it shows just how much improved the gameplay & graphics are. The E3 chase sequence is still freaking awesome to do, and even though the first time I played this game I'm not that much of a fan with Sam especially because of the thing that happened in the middle of the game, in the end he's just trying to honor his mom's last unfinished business. Still think the whole game could've been avoided if Nathan just tells Elena the truth about Sam since the beginning of the game & it'll end with less drama. Favorite part in the entire game is definitely the part where you play the original PS1 Crash Bandicoot. I retried the level so many times just to beat Elena's high score, but it's just not possible. Not until the second time you play it in the game's epilogue that is. And wouldn't you know it, Crash 4 is coming soon. Damn what a perfect timing to play this game right at the announcement! 91) Last of Us Part 2 Platform: PS4 Despite this game not worthy of getting the 10 out of 10s because of the story based problems it has, especially that one sex scene 20 hours into the game that still haunts me, I really like this game, but I suspect Joe will make a very2 angry review in these coming days & probably give this game either a 6 or 7 just like he did with Destiny or Rome Total War 2. If that's the case, it's too bad there's not going to be a music skit similar to the Fox song on Rome Total War 2 because of music copyright. That gag makes me laugh so hard. Eh, that's how it is sometimes. 🤷‍♂️ 92) Mosquito Must Die Platform: iPhone It's a game where you hit as many mosquitos as you can before you miss a couple of times. As you kill a bunch of them, you'll unlock new backgrounds, like having the background be egypt themed, or bar themed, or wild west themed. The difference between these are the game over scenes which are ok, but I was hoping for more crazy stuff. Eh, at least the game's free. 93) Faeria Platform: PC Aha, now THIS is a pretty cool game. It's like Heartstone (oh how far Blizzard has fallen) but instead of the game being played by just placing units & abilities based on your cards and have them attack the other team, this game is much more territory-based. In this game you have to create platforms first which will lead you to the enemy player. And you place your units on the platform that you have created & have them move to kill the enemy hero. This game is more about blocking the opponent's way to your hero while having your own unit spawn near the enemy location, and it's WAYYY more fun than it was in Heartstone. Not because it's more territorial based, but because the units are balanced & no such bullshit like "have a unit that will annihilate every other unit on screen" like Heartstone had with their bullshit cards. Some unit can only be spawned on the right field. Water pond for water based units, forest platform for nature units or desert platform for earth based units. You can experiment on your own & pick the right units that suits your playstyle, and watch them destroy the enemy units with ease. Check this game out if you want an alternative to Heartstone or any similar card-based game. 94) Tomorrow Never Dies Platform: PS1 Ahhhhh, the childhood memories. This was my first 007 game when I had the PS1. The intro still hype me up for the stuff up ahead in the game. Playing it back now though, wooooooowwwwwwwwww. This game is fucking jank as hell. I played the game on recruit back then, but at the end the game gives me a "now try the game on 00 agent difficulty to get the ending". So now I go up to 00 agent difficulty. And holy crap, the game not only gets a lot harder, but it's harder in an unforgiving bullshit way. Enemies shoot you WAYYY too fast. Strafing doesn't work because they'll just immediately fire at you while you keep on missing shots, even though the game is on autoaim against the enemies. You have the option to manual aim which turns the game first person, but it's SO. GODDAMN. SLOW. So slow that by the time you aim at an enemy, they will kill you first. So the best way to play the game and survive is to play the long range game. But most of the stages takes place in a lot of tight corridors where enemies will come out of whatever secret door they're hiding in and end you. A couple of stages even have enemies that infinitely respawn so you're definitely on shit's creek when it happens. Fighting the bosses are pretty simple though, except the helicopter. All you do to win is to immediately aim for their head in first person and shoot them over and over and over again. Watch as their health bar go from 100 down to 0 and laugh as they keep on having seizures. While hearing the kickass 007 remix. The game thankfully breaks up the shooting with minigames. Skying, destroying stuff with a fighter jet, destroying cars with your pimped BMW, and at one point deciphering a passcode by pressing random square x circle triangle button until you get the right combination. It's definitely has shown it's age. This is also probably the only 007 game where you actually play as someone other than James Bond for the main mission. In the second to last mission, you get to play as Michelle Yeoh's character Wai Lin. Unfortunately the only difference with her in gameplay is her stealth attack, which you will probably never use anyway unless you're lucky and an enemy is not looking straight towards you, which is a bummer. And she has to fight the most annoying boss in the game: HELICOPTER. And you can beat this thing by keeping your distance and shooting at the sky when the helicopter's not in full view because the draw distance of this game is ASS. If it's in full view, the thing will blow your ass away. What do you get for beating this game on 00 agent difficulty? Just a short recap of all the previous missions in the game with mission complete & a song at the end. As seen here. Yes, the game is only 1 hour 30 minutes long if you managed to get through it without dying too much & restarting a mission......... holy crap, I remember this game took me forever to beat when I played this game for the first time. And that's because I keep on dying a lot, and one time I got completely stuck in mission 4. You're supposed to open this painting's secret safe, but the game doesn't tell you what to do. Do you shoot the painting completely with bullets? Do you move the painting? NO. You have to know to go to an office cabinet that's in a specific spot & push that thing to open it.............. HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT? In short, this game made me realize that Syphon Filter is an infinitely better game with similar controls because it has WAY more variety & missions to do. Might need to go back to that classic game. 95) Feather - Social Zen Bird Flight Platform: PC Wow.......ok so............... I'm pretty sure you guys know Joe's reaction when a game has a short length. That time Joe mentioned that when he immediately turned on the game, he beat the game? IT FINALLY HAPPENED. I immediately beat this game I just played as soon as I hit play. I am not joking. I immediately get the only achievement in the game for just starting to play the game & it says thank you for playing............................... THEY DID IT! THEY BROKE THE DAMN RECORD FOR SHORTEST GAME OF ALL TIME!! IT'S TIME TO DANCE AND CELEBRATE!! So what's next after that? What does the game actually offer? Well, it's a game where you play as a bird and explore a small island, but the more correct way to describe the game is that it's an interactive music player. As you explore this island, you can travel through some spheres to change your bird species, or travel to other spheres to change the game's background music while you look around at the various architectures, mountains & plants. You can play the game with other players and make bird noises with them, but that's about it. It's pretty relaxing and the songs are really nice though. I knew about this game last year when I went to this comicon convention in my city for one of the Dragonball FighterZ tournament. One of the booths there have this game on demonstration and the dev team was there for me to chat with. Turns out they made another game I played called Screencheat, a game where you kill other players by literally screen cheating I asked them about whether or not the game has a story, and they said "there is, but you have to play the game and find out"....... Good thing I got this game as part of a cheap game bundle, or else I will have wasted $14.50. Though I would immediately ask for a refund if I did buy it. Thanks Steam refund! 96) Dark Souls 3: complete edition Platform: PC Since Demon Souls is going to get a remake on PS5, I felt like celebrating the occasion by replaying this gem. Unfortunately since this game doesn't support cloud saving & I switched my gaming laptop, I have to replay the entire game from scratch........ but that's fine because this game's fucking awesome & I would love to replay the game all over again anyway! It's quite a different feeling playing this game again after playing Sekiro all this time. I had to forget about jumping & stealth killing all the time and just go ham against enemies and go back and forth with attacking them. And oh yes, had to get used to being invaded by other players because souls be like that. Other than that, once it all settles in, it's back to boss slaying Souls work once again. The Ringed City final boss is still so damn good to fight that I just prolong my fight with him as long as I can before I defeat him. Thankfully this time I made sure to have a backup save file for all the boss fights that I really like so that I can fight them over and over again. HAH, take THAT no cloud save! 97) Bloodroots Platform: PC This game is another one of those Hotline Miami "kill everyone while you avoid being killed since you die in one hit" kind of game. This time you play as a very angry bearded man with a wolf hat that got left for dead by his own crewmen and is on to get his payback. Love the music & artstyle. Most weapons have 3 uses to them and the fun of the game is to switch weapons constantly to rack up the style points & get a high rank in each missions. Shame there's no character skills or upgrades to unlock, but it's still fun. That is until the end of the game happen and get this: Good thing I used my Epic Games coupon to get this game for only $5 or else I would be even more pissed at the end. WHY YOU DO THIS GAME???
  25. Next time put a spoiler tag cause there's people that haven't played the game. Like so: In the end this game is split down the middle. There's people that like it, and people who hate it, and that's how it is. But good thing that it's a matter of personal preference as the cause of why it's hated and not because the game plays like ass. Unlike Hello Neighbour that I played recently which is so UNBEARABLY AWFUL that by the end of that game I actually am glad that I beat it & will never play it again. And I got it for free from Epic Games Store. Very positive steam score? LIES I TELLS YA, LIESSSS!!! I rather play Ride to Hell & Past Cure, and I actually like those 2 games because they're so bad they're entertaining. Not so bad that it's horribly painful to play
  26. is anyone else like really amped for the new ratchet and clanks like I remember the originals where amazing but I never got around to playing the ps3 area ones so I'm excited to see what its gonna be like. p.s anyone know like the story like past the 3rd game???
  27. hey, I have been a long time fan but never really got into the website so I thought might as well be inducted into the army rather late than never.
  28. The problem with T.L.O.U 2 ain't that the story is just depressing. It's just poorly written in general. Everyone is written out of character. Joel is treated like garbage, Ellie ain't gettin' any better treatment either... and Druckmann really thought people would like... Abby. Who's written(and don't even get me started on her design) so poorly she's a despicable villain until the very end. And the game forces you to play as Abby... for 10 hours or more. And even then, instead of some genuinely good writing like T.L.O.U 1 had... we get cheap emotional manipulation. Just because her daddy was a nice guy doesn't mean we should instantly feel sympathetic for her... especially when she did what she did and just acts as if that was absolutely nothing. Add the fact that she has NO inner conflicts, no change of heart, absolutely NOTHING to make her at least a decent villain puts more salt on the wound. She's just a despicable, psychotic monster from beginning to end who tries really hard to sound and act badass and that's it. And again... she gets away with everything she did. Why bother writing a revenge story when the players can't even get their revenge ? Oh, is it because Druckmann dreamt that he was going to win an Oscar for his attempt to push some ham-fisted message about how violence is bad while butchering everything else in the process ?
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