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  2. I am still waiting for actual game play. We got a lot of pretty videos but no game play. Until then, reserving my judgement.
  3. Another interesting in concept, open world game from Ubisoft that's going to disappoint their bank managers because they still don't get we gamers are burnt out on open world games from Ubisoft, particularly from the same tired ass franchises. Some mad fanatic with twisted morals to take down... again. At least Farcry Primal tried something unique, it just wasn't executed very well. I like the Farcry games, and I genuinely do think this will be good, but you can only milk the same, exhausted idea so much.
  4. i will watch both of them.. Watch Superman v Batman online
  5. Really? I am your father? I know it's supposed to be like religious fanatical way of saying "I am God, and you shall worship me", but all that's in my mind is this Interesting. Yet another sequel to Farcry that has abso fucking lutely nothing to do with the previous game. We go from escaping a tropical island filled with killer mercenaries and mutant, to fighting African druglords, to Vaas, to Pagan Min, and now to fighting Outlast esque religious fanatical cultists. I'm looking forward to this game. As long as the story is as good as Farcry 3, and the gameplay be an overhawl of Farcry 3's combat system but equally as good, this game will be pretty sweet. But we'll have to wait and see how this game plays out.
  6. Today
  7. 4v4 MP just dumb, truly a disapointment that bungie couldnt deliver a more grander MP experience. not riding this cash cow for this iteration, same DLC set up not worth price
  8. technically there is one created more-so for the side of Dust514 (when it was still active game) to pool the community together (hi-sec corp). there are at least 10-ish ppl who play scattered among more well funded corps i know i had one pop into pubbie chat while grinding and advertising newbies in Dust. though the f2p aspect of the game makes it more free to do so atm even if fully "filthy casual" with it. with Nova looming in the distant future there maybe stronger candidates to flesh out a corp.
  9. I too feel your pain (especially the pillars). It was pretty much the same thing for me on Spec Ops The Line. Some of the areas were downright insane on hard mode, and I ended up turning down the difficulty in order to enjoy the rest of the game.
  10. Hi Theslayer315, every Saturday we do AJSA unit drop, where we are gathered on the AJSA discord MWO dropship 1 feel free to drop in and join us, it a good chance for you to meet some of us, and it'll give you a chance to see who we are, as in MWO it can be quite expensive to invite people into a unit, there is also a good chance there are officers there as well https://discord.gg/5rZRXgH see you on the battlefield Spiritdk
  11. Completed: Sorcery! Platform: PC Well written gamebook that gives you more options than most games in the genre thanks to a variety of choices and your ability to use a variety of spells to effect situations. The first part has you leaving your home area to reach a large city with different paths and situations you can get into along the way. Items, allies, and abilities gained carries over into the 2nd game. Ability to rewind time allows you to view other events and outcomes without having to restart. Good combat descriptions. It's easy to see why this series was so well received and this first one is the most basic of the four. Completed: Sorcery! Part 2 Platform: PC Longer and many more options than the previous game with this part taking place in a large city to explore full of clues to gather, side activities, and possible allies (some available based on previous actions). Still very well written and a variety of spells that can effect situations differently even in funny or more evil ways. The dice game gets pretty boring if you want to win as much money as possible but nice that you talk during them.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Omg I cant wait for this game I just backed it XD
  14. You don;t need to go as far back as Thief to find a game that did difficulty right. The first time I played The Last of Us I borrowed it from a friend. It was his suggestion that my first play through be on the hardest difficulty because the experience is worth it. I'm glad I took his advice. The sheer tension of the game really helped to sell the survival story, and I would have missed out on that if I had played through it on medium the first time like I normally do. And to Naughty Dog's credit, they didn't punish you too hard for your mistakes. Every time a clicker got me, it forced me to sit back and try to examine the situation. Of course, there's bad examples too. Remember God of War? I played it on the hardest difficulty on a whim and was doing OK...until I got into Hades and had to navigate those (*%#@ beams with the spinning blades! And then, after dying a LOT, it would always ask "Would you like to turn down the difficulty?" The problem, of course, was that turning down the difficulty did NOTHING to negate how frustrating the traps were.
  15. Rising Storm GOTY Edition is free for two days on Humble Bundle
  16. Beam just changed its name to Mixer,no idea why but the trailer for the name change is here:
  17. Love theory crafting, especially in video games. For me, I saw the scrolls as something David made not the Engineers. As to why the Engineers did not attack, may be it has to do with the idea of the ship David used was of the same make and model of an Engineer. They could be a species that has no in fighting or the idea of their own ships attacking is far removed. Hell may be someone went on a bathroom break and forgot to set the auto turrets to shoot on sight. To the idea of why would a person sacrifice themselves if it's not for a military achievement, for science or for the rush. Knowing that your body will take a planet from zero to hero. It's not too hard to think a being would kill themselves to allow their race to observe the effects. In a controlled environment, away from their own planets or ships. Scary idea but may be we are the accidents. What the Engineers used was an attempt to see the effects of a new biological weapon or just a new form of a drug. Lastly, I remember reading an interview with John Logan discussing the ins' and outs' of the alien origin. From what I got, this is the definitive take on the alien.I know we saw Scott say that Promethus is not a prequel to Alien but I am not sure if that holds true now. If it does, it feels like we are seeing another George Lucas coming in to rewrite the past.
  18. Thank you for the welcome!
  19. It's quite refreshing to see a civilized conversation about the Soul's series. Sure "git gud" was funny at first, but that joke is as old and stale as that one cereal bar I accidently ate during my Community College years (and it wasn't very pretty). Anyways.. You and me both. Personally, I like a good challenge as long as it's 100% fair and forgiving. Though I used to be that git gud asshole when Demon's Souls came out, but later on I started to adapt the idea that every gamer has their own way/style of playing a game. For example: I've met a few players that had a really hard time getting through The Binding of Isaac due to the fact that they're new to the game and they're not as skilled as other players. Instead of laughing and saying "git gud", I had a fun time giving those new players some of my own personal tips and tricks. Tips like which character to use based on their playstyle (I also told them to branch out to other characters as well along with some small tips on how to master them. Except The Lost because f**ck him), which items to get (and to avoid), and how to find some secrets that can help them turn the tides into their favor. It's a lot more fun to have conversations with a variety of players, than to have conversations with players of the same type/style. Despite the fact that I've beaten Demon's Souls, Dark Souls 1, half of Dark Souls 2, half of Bloodborne, and Dark Souls 3; Dark Souls 2 wasn't that bad and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I liked Dark Souls 2 up to the point where enemies stopped spawning, and the whole Black Gulch bullshit made me stop playing. If anything, I'm more of a heathen by telling people that I didn't enjoy Dark Souls 3 as much as everyone else. I like the atmosphere and all, but the mechanics bugged me the most. For starters, I didn't like the combat mixture between Dark Souls and Bloodborne (if anything, it felt more like Bloodborne with a Dark Souls dress). I think that most enemies within the game are a little too aggressive and can stun-lock you into oblivion. As for poise...don't get me started on the poise. Poise is entirely useless and it makes it incredibly tough for tank builds to get through the game, not to mention the fact that you can't upgrade your armor. I get it.....it's "Fashion Souls", but in RPG 101: functionality is waaaayyyy more important than fashion (to me that is) . Overall, I'm a bit glad that I conqured Dark Souls 3, but it didn't satisfy me as much as Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1.
  20. Last week
  21. EF: Dungeon & Dragons event #3

    Dungeons and Dragons Well we finally decided to do some DnD campaigns here in the EF. Now if you don't know what DnD is, then just know that it is a tabletop RPG and is commonly recognized to be the game that launched the modern RPG games industry. Given that campaigns in DnD can drag on for weeks, regular attendance is always an issues, hampering a consitent story line. As such we will host 3 one-off campaigns, using the DnD 5.0 system of rules. The characters will be pregenerated to allow for fun 2-4 hour sessions. We will host the third DnD event this Sunday, the 28th of May at 3pm EDT/ 8 pm BST, however people wishing to play are asked to attend 30 min early for the briefing about the session. Dedicated Players We encourage commitment and attendance within the EF, thus we offer attendance pips for those players who register themselves as dedicated players (You can still attend all events without making this commitment). As such dedicated players promise to attend at least 50% of the events, for which they will receive said attendance pip at the end of the month. If you want to suggest ideas, discuss the game or make other recommendations, then feel free to do so in the EF forum here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/31185-future-ef-games-post-your-suggestions-here/ If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the EF leaders, namely Acepilot666, ArisingFlame, Brandykins1982, Conan or Digs.
  22. The trailer for Seargeant Johnson(you'll notice its not the original Johnson voice and the reason for that apparently is that the voice actor behind the OG voice is on the voice actors strike:
  23. MWO Casual Drops

    Behold the Angry Army, Warriors of the Inner Sphere! Mission: This is a casual drop mission. We will group up and proceed with Quick Drops for the duration of the Event. This is an open event, all are invited. Enemy: Each other or public pilots. Terrain: To be determined. Time: 2pm EDT, 05/27/2017. Duration: 2 hours Location: AJSA Discord-> MWO Dropship 1 Command/Signal: Leadership TBD. RSVP by commenting below. Questions may be asked here as well. Please come ready to use your mic and communicate respectfully/effectively. See you there. NO GUTS, NO GALAXY.
  24. Join the Angry Army on May 27th, 2017 for a special Community wide Overwatch event in celebration of Overwatch’s 1 Year Anniversary across all three of our gaming Divisions; PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One! Teams from Special Operations on PC, Game Nights on PlayStation 4, and Weekly Events on Xbox One are ready to deliver you a heroic power filled night of Overwatch. Always remember Heroes, never accept the world for what it appears to be. Dare to see it for what it could be. Never give up, never surrender, victory or death, HEROES NEVER DIE! Angry Army Heroes across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One will answer the call of “Heroes Never Die!” as members gather on their respective gaming platforms for a night of good gaming and fun. Full event details (start times, hosts, etc) for PC/PlayStation 4/Xbox One respectively are listed below. Additionally, Overwatch will be FREE for the weekend of May 26th-29th across all platforms; PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. To learn more and how to download Overwatch FREE for the weekend and join the “Heroes Never Die!” event, click on the link provided: https://playoverwatch.com/en-gb/blog/20793052 ---- 'Heros Never Die!' Event Information ---- PC Division - Special Operations Host: Legolas Katarn Start Times: Universal Time Coordinated 10:00 PM UTC North America Times 6:00 PM ET 5:00 PM CT 4:00 PM MT 3:00 PM PT United Kingdom/Ireland Times 11:00 PM GMT How To Participate: This event will take place in the Official AJSA Discord Server, and participants are asked to join the ‘Special Operations’ voice channel. If you’re not yet a member of the Official AJSA Discord Server, click on this link to join: https://discordapp.com/invite/0iHbkwYao3Pl1zdj Playstation 4 Division - Game Nights Hosts: WITHASTICK, DoctorPainMD, Inticari, and Syrupywolf Start Times: Universal Time Coordinated 10:00 PM UTC North America Times 6:00 PM ET 5:00 PM CT 4:00 PM MT 3:00 PM PT United Kingdom/Ireland Times 11:00 PM GMT How To Participate: Make sure you’re apart of the AJSA’s PlayStation 4 Community Page. Click here to learn more about Community Pages. Each host will create an Event for Game Nights on the PlayStation 4 through the Community Page. Accept and join one of the host created Game Nights Events. Please DO NOT join more than one of the host created Events. Look for and remember Game Nights date and start time for your region/country below. On the day and start time of Game Nights the Event feature will auto-create a party chat and auto-invite everyone who signed-up to it. Event Outline: Each of the hosts and all attendees will be split up into teams, each host and their team taking on a different part of Overwatch. Teams may face off in; Quick-Play, Eliminations, Capture the Flag, Total Mayhem, Custom Games, etc. Whatever it is we’re sure you’ll find something to enjoy! Xbox One Division - Weekly Events Host: AJSAWookieJedi Start Times: Universal Time Coordinated 10:30 PM UTC North America Times 6:30 PM ET 5:30 PM CT 4:30 PM MT 3:30 PM PT United Kingdom/Ireland Times 11:30 PM GMT How To Participate: Please add the host of the event, WookieJedi [Xbox Gamertag: AJSAWookieJedi] as a friend on Xbox Live and be a member of the AJSA Xbox One Club (learn how to join the Club here). During the event, please join the ‘Official AJSA Xbox One Community’ Xbox Live Party that the host creates from the Club. If the party is full, or on invite only, please contact the host for an invite. Room will be made for every member who wishes to participate. If need be, 'Squad Leaders' will be designated by the host to accommodate all participants. If you would like to give advance notice to the host that you would like to play, you are free to do so. Otherwise keep note of the event start times and join the Xbox Live party of the host to begin playing. If you have any questions, please contact the host directly at "AJSAWookieJedi" on the forums or on Xbox Live at AJSAWookieJedi. Event Outline: The Xbox One Division itself is celebrating its One Year Anniversary of Overwatch events. We began on May 27th, 2016 and have been going ever since! We'll be gathering everyone together for a series of custom games specifically crafted for this coming event. When our custom games are finished, the host will break up the event group to allow participants to play online with their fellow Angry Army members. After this, the full event group will again rendezvous in a single lobby for additional custom games. ---- Additional Information ---- Code of Conduct: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/9-ajsa-code-of-conduct/ PC: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/forum/176-pc-gaming/ PS4: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/forum/31-playstation-4-vita/ Xbox One: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/forum/32-xbox-one/ AJSA Discord Invite Link: https://discordapp.com/invite/0iHbkwYao3Pl1zdj AJSA Gaming Events Calendar: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/calendar/
  25. GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE!!! Oh, and, hi and stuff...
  26. Welcome to the AJSA. I see you mention PS4, if you wanna learn some of the in and outs of the AJSA PS4 Division check our subforum here on the site under: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/forum/31-playstation-4-vita/ We got chat rooms, information how to join the PS4 Community Page of AJSA, weekly events, all kinds of wacky goofy stuff. BTW, very nice art work!
  27. Quake was better when it stuck to a single/co-op story campaign about fighting Strogg who want to use humans for body parts. I always thought Unreal Tournament had earned the crown for the arena-shooter market.
  28. I just remembered something about it when I made an account, but maybe it was for something else. Anyway, Germany was awesome! The only thing that really made me uncomfortable was that I didn't speak the language. But even then, if you ran into someone who didn't speak English they were very patient and you could get by with a mixture of charades and what few words I picked up. Just an absolutely beautiful country, though! Italy was a bit more overwhelming, there were just so many people everywhere it was kind of hard to really enjoy the grandeur of the monuments. And the way Italians drive is scary! I've really never been much of a beer drinker, but I am now hooked on radlers and colaweizen!
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